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40°N 20°E preview image40°N 20°E
1.1 km (0.7 miles) SW of Vergo, Delvinë, Albania
53°N 7°E preview image53°N 7°E
1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of Vledderveen, Groningen, Netherlands
59°N 7°E preview image59°N 7°E
19.9 km (12.4 miles) ESE of Lysebotn (Rogaland), Vest-Agder, Norway
59°N 8°E preview image59°N 8°E
13.8 km (8.6 miles) SSW of Breidvik, Telemark, Norway
[secondary] [20-Jul-23]
59°N 9°E preview image59°N 9°E
11.3 km (7.0 miles) SSW of Drangedal, Telemark, Norway
60°N 7°E preview image60°N 7°E
21.2 km (13.2 miles) NE of Røldal, Hordaland, Norway
60°N 6°E preview image60°N 6°E
1.0 km (0.6 miles) N of Rosendal, Hordaland, Norway
42°N 0° preview image42°N 0°
4.1 km (2.5 miles) E of Laluenga, Huesca, Aragón, Spain
42°N 1°W preview image42°N 1°W
1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of Castejón de Valdejasa, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
43°N 2°W preview image43°N 2°W
1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Gaínza, Navarra, Spain
43°N 3°W preview image43°N 3°W
1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of Urduña, Vizkaya, Euskadi, Spain
43°N 4°W preview image43°N 4°W
1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Bustamante, Cantabria, Spain
[incomplete] [03-May-23]
43°N 5°W preview image43°N 5°W
4.0 km (2.5 miles) NNE of Riaño, León, Castilla y León, Spain
43°N 6°W preview image43°N 6°W
1.4 km (0.9 miles) W of Villargusán, León, Castilla y León, Spain
43°N 7°W preview image43°N 7°W
1.4 km (0.9 miles) E of Queizán, Lugo, Galicia, Spain
43°N 8°W preview image43°N 8°W
2.3 km (1.4 miles) SE of Nogueira, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
34°N 10°E preview image34°N 10°E
3.2 km (2.0 miles) ENE of Wadhraf, Qābis, Tunisia
41°S 175°E preview image41°S 175°E
4.6 km (2.9 miles) ESE of Paekakariki, Wellington, N. Island, NZ
38°N 16°E preview image38°N 16°E
2.9 km (1.8 miles) W of Staiti, Reggio di Calabria, Calabria, Italy
39°N 17°E preview image39°N 17°E
4.0 km (2.5 miles) SSE of Cutro, Crotone, Calabria, Italy
40°N 16°E preview image40°N 16°E
2.3 km (1.4 miles) SE of Castelluccio Superiore, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy
40°N 18°E preview image40°N 18°E
0.5 km (0.3 miles) E of Punta del Pizzo (Cape), Puglia, Italy
[incomplete] [10-Oct-22]
41°N 17°E preview image41°N 17°E
1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Rutigliano, Bari, Puglia, Italy
41°N 16°E preview image41°N 16°E
4.6 km (2.9 miles) SE of Montemilone, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy
42°N 15°E preview image42°N 15°E
near Termoli, Campobasso, Molise, Italy
57°N 10°E preview image57°N 10°E
near Gistrup, Nordjylland, Denmark
70°N 19°E preview image70°N 19°E
3.1 km (1.9 miles) SE of Grunnfjord, Ringvassøya (Island), Troms, Norway
[secondary] [21-Jul-22]
71°N 26°E preview image71°N 26°E
2.7 km (1.7 miles) NNE of Honningsvåg, Magerøya (Island), Finnmark, Norway
69°N 19°E preview image69°N 19°E
0.7 km (0.4 miles) E of Litlenget, Troms, Norway
[secondary] [03-Jul-22]
41°N 74°W preview image41°N 74°W
0.9 miles (1.4 km) SW of Old Tappan, Bergen, NJ, USA
40°N 75°W preview image40°N 75°W
1.1 miles (1.8 km) SE of Riverton, Burlington, NJ, USA
39°N 76°W preview image39°N 76°W
4.6 miles (7.4 km) SE of Centreville, Queen Anne's, MD, USA
44°N 16°E preview image44°N 16°E
3.0 km (1.9 miles) SE of Ivoševci, Zadarska, Croatia
37°N 10°E preview image37°N 10°E
5.6 km (3.5 miles) W of Protville (Aryāna), Banzart, Tunisia
36°N 10°E preview image36°N 10°E
3.5 km (2.2 miles) WSW of al-Bulayda, al-Qayrawān, Tunisia
35°N 10°E preview image35°N 10°E
12.0 km (7.5 miles) SSE of Kāf al-Rāyāt, Sīdī Bū Zayd, Tunisia
5°S 55°E preview image5°S 55°E
56.8 km (35.3 miles) SW of Pointe Matoopa (Cape), Mahé (Island), Seychelles
[incomplete] [04-Feb-22]
14°N 61°W preview image14°N 61°W
near Castries, Saint Lucia
18°N 66°W preview image18°N 66°W
0.8 miles (1.2 km) NNE of Providencia, Patillas, PR, USA
45°N 14°E preview image45°N 14°E
3.3 km (2.0 miles) NNW of Krnica, Istarska, Croatia
55°N 38°E preview image55°N 38°E
0.1 km (0.1 miles) SW of Solnyshko, Moskovskaya oblast', Russia
[secondary] [17-Jul-21]
58°N 40°E preview image58°N 40°E
0.5 km (0.3 miles) W of Skokovo, Yaroslavskaya oblast', Russia
59°N 40°E preview image59°N 40°E
0.8 km (0.5 miles) W of Troitskoye, Vologodskaya oblast', Russia
60°N 40°E preview image60°N 40°E
1.2 km (0.7 miles) SSE of Ivachino, Vologodskaya oblast', Russia
61°N 40°E preview image61°N 40°E
6.0 km (3.7 miles) WNW of Fatunovo, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
61°N 41°E preview image61°N 41°E
5.1 km (3.2 miles) WNW of Sintsovskaya, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
[secondary] [14-Jul-21]
62°N 46°E preview image62°N 46°E
5.7 km (3.5 miles) NE of Mikhaylovskaya, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
62°N 45°E preview image62°N 45°E
3.8 km (2.4 miles) W of Avnyugskiy, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
61°N 45°E preview image61°N 45°E
14.1 km (8.8 miles) SE of Kizema, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
61°N 43°E preview image61°N 43°E
5.1 km (3.2 miles) E of Ust'yanovskaya, Arkhangel'skaya oblast', Russia
59°N 28°E preview image59°N 28°E
1.2 km (0.7 miles) WSW of Demushkin Perevoz, Pskovskaya oblast', Russia
61°N 35°E preview image61°N 35°E
7.1 km (4.4 miles) N of Rodionovo, Leningradskaya oblast', Russia
[incomplete] [secondary] [24-Jun-21]
62°N 34°E preview image62°N 34°E
3.6 km (2.2 miles) W of Namoyevo, Respublika Kareliya, Russia
62°N 32°E preview image62°N 32°E
5.8 km (3.6 miles) WSW of Piytsiyoki, Respublika Kareliya, Russia
[secondary] [21-Jun-21]
18°S 14°E preview image18°S 14°E
14.8 km (9.2 miles) SSE of Otjikuina, Kunene, Namibia
17°S 13°E preview image17°S 13°E
27.2 km (16.9 miles) WNW of Otjivakuanda, Kunene, Namibia
19°S 14°E preview image19°S 14°E
9.9 km (6.1 miles) NNE of Okambonde, Kunene, Namibia
20°S 14°E preview image20°S 14°E
9.9 km (6.1 miles) SSE of Palm, Kunene, Namibia
20°S 13°E preview image20°S 13°E
42.9 km (26.6 miles) NW of Torrabaai, Kunene, Namibia
[incomplete] [02-May-21]
22°S 15°E preview image22°S 15°E
46.5 km (28.9 miles) N of Arandis, Erongo, Namibia
23°S 15°E preview image23°S 15°E
34.9 km (21.7 miles) SSE of Haigamkap, Erongo, Namibia
24°S 16°E preview image24°S 16°E
9.3 km (5.8 miles) WSW of Abbabis, Hardap, Namibia
25°S 16°E preview image25°S 16°E
22.4 km (13.9 miles) SW of Hammerstein, Hardap, Namibia
26°S 17°E preview image26°S 17°E
22.5 km (14.0 miles) SE of Helmeringhausen, Karas, Namibia
28°S 19°E preview image28°S 19°E
5.8 km (3.6 miles) NNE of Poortjie, Karas, Namibia
28°S 32°E preview image28°S 32°E
near Matshamhlophe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
30°S 30°E preview image30°S 30°E
3.1 km (1.9 miles) SW of Masameni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
31°S 30°E preview image31°S 30°E
1.8 km (1.1 miles) SSW of Lugwijini, Eastern Cape, South Africa
31°S 29°E preview image31°S 29°E
1.7 km (1.1 miles) N of Mpemba, Eastern Cape, South Africa
33°S 27°E preview image33°S 27°E
1.1 km (0.7 miles) WSW of Ngcabasa, Eastern Cape, South Africa
34°S 22°E preview image34°S 22°E
7.6 km (4.7 miles) NW of Brandwacht, Western Cape, South Africa
34°S 20°E preview image34°S 20°E
12.3 km (7.6 miles) SW of Bonnievale, Western Cape, South Africa
33°S 18°E preview image33°S 18°E
6.1 km (3.8 miles) E of Saldanha, Western Cape, South Africa
[incomplete] [31-Jan-21]
34°S 19°E preview image34°S 19°E
10.3 km (6.4 miles) SSW of Kylemore, Western Cape, South Africa
[incomplete] [16-Jan-21]
34°S 23°E preview image34°S 23°E
5.8 km (3.6 miles) NW of Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa
34°S 24°E preview image34°S 24°E
1.9 km (1.2 miles) SSE of Sanddrif, Eastern Cape, South Africa
31°S 25°E preview image31°S 25°E
20.9 km (13.0 miles) NNE of Noupoort, Northern Cape, South Africa
30°S 23°E preview image30°S 23°E
44.3 km (27.5 miles) SE of Prieska, Northern Cape, South Africa
29°S 22°E preview image29°S 22°E
11.0 km (6.8 miles) S of Groblershoop, Northern Cape, South Africa
29°S 19°E preview image29°S 19°E
15.1 km (9.4 miles) WNW of Pella, Northern Cape, South Africa
32°S 19°E preview image32°S 19°E
22.3 km (13.8 miles) NNE of Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa
33°S 19°E preview image33°S 19°E
2.1 km (1.3 miles) NNE of Porterville, Western Cape, South Africa
21°S 15°E preview image21°S 15°E
6.6 km (4.1 miles) SSE of Klein-Ais, Erongo, Namibia
20°S 15°E preview image20°S 15°E
18.6 km (11.6 miles) N of Spitskop Pos, Kunene, Namibia
20°S 18°E preview image20°S 18°E
20.5 km (12.7 miles) NNW of Omboora, Otjozondjupa, Namibia
21°S 19°E preview image21°S 19°E
2.5 km (1.6 miles) SE of Okawangwa, Omaheke, Namibia
35°N 25°E preview image35°N 25°E
1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Vayioniá, Kríti, Greece
56°N 24°E preview image56°N 24°E
6.0 km (3.7 miles) W of Valdeikiai (Panevėžys), Šiauliai, Lithuania
56°N 23°E preview image56°N 23°E
3.9 km (2.4 miles) SSE of Drąsučiai, Šiauliai, Lithuania
[secondary] [24-Sep-20]
56°N 22°E preview image56°N 22°E
5.6 km (3.5 miles) SW of Žvirblaičiai, Telšiai, Lithuania
58°N 4°W preview image58°N 4°W
2.7 km (1.7 miles) NW of Backies, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom
57°N 4°W preview image57°N 4°W
7.7 km (4.8 miles) SSE of Ruthven, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom
52°N 22°E preview image52°N 22°E
1.9 km (1.2 miles) S of Soćki, Lubelskie, Poland
53°N 22°E preview image53°N 22°E
2.2 km (1.4 miles) NNE of Strzeszewo, Podlaskie, Poland
53°N 23°E preview image53°N 23°E
near Borowskie Skórki, Podlaskie, Poland
[secondary] [07-Aug-20]
54°N 23°E preview image54°N 23°E
3.5 km (2.2 miles) SE of Płociczno, Podlaskie, Poland
[secondary] [06-Aug-20]
54°N 24°E preview image54°N 24°E
2.9 km (1.8 miles) NW of Jaskonys, Alytus, Lithuania
55°N 25°E preview image55°N 25°E
1.1 km (0.7 miles) W of Avižonys, Vilnius, Lithuania
56°N 25°E preview image56°N 25°E
3.1 km (1.9 miles) N of Alizava, Panevėžys, Lithuania
57°N 24°E preview image57°N 24°E
4.8 km (3.0 miles) SW of Bolderāja, Rīgas, Latvia

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