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If you are aware of an article or broadcast about the project that is not listed here, please pass on the information to the Press Room coordinator, Gilles Kohl.
(Coordinator contact information available here)

October, 2012: SZeneWochenende, GermanyNew entry
In his third article (German Language, 317 KB PDF document) about the project confluencer and geoscience researcher Rainer Mautz provides information how to visit confluence points.

February 10th, 2012: Fast Company Magazine (article), New York, NY 10007-2195, USANew entry
The journalist Emily Badger has created a well written article about confluence hunting with a good selection of photos: article.

September 20th, 2011: Scribner (publisher), New York, USA
Ken Jennings mentions the DCP (and specifically 48°N 122°W), in his book Maphead: Charting the Wide, Weird World of Geography Wonks. The book is available e.g. on

December 8th, 2009:, Arizona, USA
In an online article entitled To The Nth Degree…and Minute, and Second: Confluence Hunting on Planet Earth geographer and confluence hunter Joseph Kerski writes about the spirit of exploration that drives confluence hunters, and provides a lot of examples of the beauty and excitement, but also the dangers, that the sport can bring.

August 30th, 2009: WIRED Magazine, New York, USA
Confluence hunter Eric Zimmermann muses about latitude, longitude, and the DCP in Jenny Williams 'Geekdad' blog in a post entitled Join the Great Confluence Hunt!

March 5th, 2009: Spiegel Online, Hamburg, Germany
Der Spiegel journalist Stephan Orth accompanied DCP coordinator Vladimir Chernorutsky to 59°N 35°E and reports about it in his (German language) article How Vladimir conquered 59°N 35°E .

August 2nd, 2008: Denver Post, Denver, CO
The Denver Post publishes an article by Patrick Joseph (Universal Press Syndicate) entitled Exploration-lovers turn to global intersections which starts with an interview of veteran confluence hunter J. Baker Hill.

May, 2008: Outside Magazine, Santa Fe, NM
A 9-page article (3.8MB PDF document) by McKenzie Funk in the June 2008 Outside Magazine explores confluence hunting through the story of Greg Michaels' visit to 18°S 69°W in Bolivia.

April 20th, 2008: Quesnel Cariboo Observer, Quesnel, BC
Sean Glanville of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer reports about a presentation by Tyler and Tim Dinsdale on the DCP, entitled 'Practically Nowhere'. (Presentation video now available online: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 )

April 18th, 2008: Abendzeitung, Munich, Germany
This German-language article by Michael Grill is entitled 'The Journey to 48N 12E ' (German language article scan provided by Jan Liska , 144K)

April 10th, 2008: Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany
Juliane Matthey interviews avid confluencer Jan Liska about the what, how and why of confluence hunting. (German language article scan provided by Jan Liska, 2.2MB)

April 2008: Discovery Channel, Canada
Peter McMahon suggests finding a confluence for those wanting to try something harder than geocaching ...

March, 2008: Coordinates, Delhi, India
In his second article (7MB PDF document) about the project in this publication (entitled 'Sampling the world') confluencer and geoscience researcher Rainer Mautz provides a lot of interesting DCP statistics.

April 14th, 2007: Mannheimer Morgen, Mannheim, Germany
The weekend edition of this regional newspaper devotes an entire page (German language, 389K PDF document) to the DCP. Editor Madeleine Bierlein interviews regional coordinator Gerhard Kaufmann about the project and his most exciting visits.

February, 2007: 4x4 Club, Moscow, Russia
Sergey Gruzdev of 4x4 Club reports about a visit to 56N 39E in a (russian language) article entitled The point of ten zeroes.

February, 2007: Backpacker Magazine, Emmaus, PA
Tim Sprinkle of Backpacker Magazine hikes to 40N 106W with Joseph Kerski. Read the resulting article about the DCP entitled The Confluence Hunters. (480K PDF document)

November 3rd, 2006: Main-Echo, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Main-Echo reporter Otto Grünewald writes about Hermann Grebner inventing a new technique to get to confluences near the shore, with his visit to 70N 22E.
(Newspaper article scan Copyright © Main-Echo, reproduced with kind permission)

November, 2006: Geomatica, Ottawa, Canada
In Volume 60-3 of Geomatica, the official quarterly publication of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics, William R. (Bill) Brookes writes about the Degree Confluence Project in his Field Notes & Office Memos, (1.53MB PDF) column, under the heading 'The Degree Confluence Project—a cure for insomnia or a tool of discovery?'.

October 12, 2006: Daily Herald, Arlington Heights, IL
Daily Herald staff writer Robert McCoppin reflects on 'magical spots in suburbs' in his suburban living article.

March 19, 2006: LA NACION, Buenes Aires, Argentina
Alicia Beltrami reports about the project and Sergio Zeregas visit to 37S 57W.

March, 2006: Coordinates, Delhi, India
In an article (2MB PDF document) entitled 'What does our world really look like' confluencer and geoscience researcher Rainer Mautz gives both an introduction to as well as a status quo report of the project and speculates when/whether completion will eventually be reached.

September 11, 2005: The Japan Times, Tokyo, Japan
Staff writer Eric Johnston interviews Japan-resident Fabrice Blocteur about confluence hunting in this country.

September 10, 2005: Alaska Public Radio Network, Anchorage, AK
Ashley Gross demonstrates the power of radio with this excellent feature about the project. Highly recommended.

June, 2005: Lonely Planet, Victoria, Australia
The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Tourism has a chapter (pp96-99) on the Degree Confluence Project contributed by Australian coordinator Donna Weston.

May 24, 2005: Radio Netherlands, Hilversum, The Netherlands
Maurice Laparlière of Radio Netherlands interviews Henk de Jong during a visit to 52N 6E - listen to the Dutch language interview.

April 21, 2005: Gränzbote Tuttlingen, Tuttlingen, Germany
The 'Gränzbote' reports on a new world record for number of people at a confluence: 468 students of the 'Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium' of Tuttlingen assembled at 48N 9E with their director of studies and project leader, Matthias Kremer.

April 9, 2005: The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia
The Sydney Morning Herald picks up the same Seamus Byrne article than 'The Age' ... or it was the other way 'round.

April 9, 2005: The Age, Melbourne, Australia
Seamus Byrne includes the DCP in his Sublime to the ridiculous list, fortunately, we are classified under 'smart'.

March, 2005: Simply Seatrade, Antwerp, Belgium
(Ship)Master confluencer Captain Peter wrote an article on the project for Simply Seatrade (0.5MB) the quarterly magazine of 'Seatrade Group', World's largest refrigerated cargo ships operator.

March 25, 2005: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, MI
NBC-TVs 'High Tech Talk' has a segment dedicated to the DCP. Author Mike Wendland has posted a transcript on his web site

March 22, 2005: NBC News, New York, NY
NBC-TVs 'High Tech Talk' has a segment dedicated to the DCP. Author Mike Wendland has posted a transcript on his web site

December 23, 2004: The Deccan Herald, Bangalore, India
N S Soundara Rajan writes about the project in Visiting places never seen before, inviting to 'Come have fun while helping to create an organised sampling of the world'.

December 21, 2004: The Bulletin Summer Reading, Perth, Australia
In this 'Special adventure issue', Australian coordinator Donna Weston writes about her visit to 35S 117E in a contribution entitled My Greatest Adventure.

August 25, 2004: Main-Echo, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Another DCP-related article in the Main-Echo local newspaper - covering a special occasion, this time. Of the two villages called Blankenbach that exist in Germany (in Bavaria and Hessen, respectively), one hosts an avid confluence hunter, while the other one is near a confluence. As there have been friendly relations between the two towns for years, Hermann Grebner had the idea of presenting the 'other' Blankenbach with a confluence monument for 51N 10E.
(Newspaper article scan Copyright © Main-Echo, reproduced with kind permission)

July 12, 2004: Sunday Times of India, Pune, India
Journalist Pradeep Akkunoor accompanied confluence hunter Sujay Pantankar and his wife Shiwanee Patankar on their visit to 22N 73E to research for his article entitled Armed with GPS, you can go on a discovery mission!

July 1, 2004: Anchorage Press, Anchorage, AK
'Searching for confluence five miles south of Chicken' is the title of Scott Christiansens tongue-in-cheek report of his exhausting trip to 64N 142W.

June, 2004: The Big Issue in the North, Manchester, UK
Doug Weir wonders 'what drives people to spend large sums of money of money and risk life and limb - simply to document a theoretical point on the globe ?'. Find the answer in his two page article.

June, 2004: Lufthansa Magazin, Hamburg, Germany
German airline Lufthansa has a paragraph on the DCP in the 'Panorama' section of their seat pocket magazine (page 41), featuring pictures of 27S 69W.

May 29, 2004: Der Spiegel, Hamburg, Germany
After visiting 62N 11E with DCP coordinator Terje Mathisen, journalist Philip Bethge reports - in typical slightly condescending Der Spiegel style - about the Project in his article entitled 'Ankunft im Irgendwo (Arrival in the Somewhere)'.

May 15, 2004: 3Sat, Mainz, Germany
3Sat reports on the project in their Technology show 'Neues' (New Stuff). Journalist Jan van Hasselt accompanied Jan Liska and Renate Weiß on a visit to 53N 9e.

May 9, 2004: Sunday Tribune, Durban, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa
The WebW@tch column written by Sharon Gill has a paragraph on the project.

May 9, 2004: Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
The Sunday issue of the 'FAZ' devotes an entire double page of its 'Science' section, with lots of pictures, to the Project. Entitled 'Searching for 50°N 9°E', the article by Tilman Spreckelsen explains the idea behind the DCP, and relates the journalists' own experience visiting 50N 9e.

April 14, 2004: Canberra Times, Canberra, Australia
David Killick briefly mentions the DCP in an article on geocaching.

March 29, 2004: Wired News, USA
'16,000 Things to Do With GPS' is the title of Joanna Glasners article for Wired News.

March 26, 2004: Kölnische Rundschau, Cologne, Germany
Christian Deppe interviews Jonas Kremer in 'The Intersection Hunter'

March 18, 2004: BBC World TV, London, UK
BBC World has created an excellent audiovisual introduction to the project. Spencer Kelly interviews british master confluencer Gordon Spence during a visit to 51N 1W

March 14, 2004: The Sunday Times, London, UK
The Sunday Times publishes an article by Steve Davies about his quest for fifteen zero.

March 12, 2004: HR, Frankfurt, Germany
Another German local TV report, this time from the 'HR' focusses on 51N 9E in their Maintower show.

March 11, 2004: Kurier, Vienna, Austria
Austrian confluence hunters Michael Muehlberger, Hans Augdoppler and Werner Furlan were interviewed by Max Grill about The search for the imaginary intersection. A PDF scan (1.2MB) is available.

March 8, 2004: WDR, Aachen, Germany
German local TV 'WDR' accompanies Jonas Kremer, on his visit to 51N 6E. A short description is available in German. English subtitles in this real media version (900MB) of the report courtesy of Hans Augdoppler.

March 1, 2004: Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark
The original Danish language article of freelance journalist Claus Thorhauge is available in an English translation courtesy of Gert V. Jensen and Terje Mathisen.

February 25, 2004: Spiegel Online, Hamburg, Germany
The online site of German weekly magazine DER SPIEGEL ('The Mirror') reports about the Hunters of Latitude and Longitude in an article by Mario Gongolsky.

February 15, 2004: Sonntagszeitung, Zurich, Switzerland
'Die Suche im anderen Netz' (Searching in another network) is the title of Alexandra Bröhms article. It is introduced by a nice topographic map of Switzerland that shows the locations of all the swiss confluences.

February 14, 2004: US News & World Report, United States
The project is briefly mentioned by Thomas Hayden in No More Frontiers?.

February 10, 2004: Salzburger Nachrichten, Salzburg, Austria
Gerhard Oehlinger reports on the DCP in his article 'Hunters of invisible crossings'. The original (German language) article is available online.

February 5, 2004: GPS Magazin, Hungary
The 3rd Hungarian GPS Challenge, where the drivers also had to find degree confluence points, is a topic in this issue of the magazine.

January 10, 2004: CNN International
CNN science correspondent Daniel Sieberg mentions the DCP in their NEXT@CNN show live from the CES in Las Vegas. (An abbreviated version of the November 27th broadcast is shown). A transcript is available.

December 10, 2003: Folha de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
In three separate articles, Fernanda K. Ângelo introduces her readers to the project, presents different brazilian confluence hunting groups and interviews Alex Jarrett. An English translation was kindly provided in MS Word format by Luis Felipe Trigo Boix

December 8, 2003: Compulenta, Russia
The russian online magazine Compulenta discovers a new kind of extreme sports. (English translation courtesy of Eric Lincoln.)

December 2003: St. Catherine's College / The Year 2003, Oxford, United Kingdom
This college's 2003 yearbook has an article by Axel Nelms on Degree Confluences in the Arabian Peninsula. (Pages 60, 61, 62 and 63)

December, 2003: Enroute Magazine, Toronto, Canada
'Give me some latitude' is the title of Andrew Findlay's article in this issue of Air Canada's passenger magazine.

November 28, 2003: IT Avisen, Oslo, Norway
'How many (points) can YOU find ?' is the question asked by Martin Sivertsen in The big GPS hunt. The original article is in Norwegian - an English translation has been kindly provided by Terje Mathisen.

November 27, 2003: Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway
'Aftenposten' means 'Evening News' in Norwegian, and the title of Hans Marius Tonstad's article about the DCP is The new extreme sport for nerds. An English translation is available here.

November 27, 2003: CNN International, Hongkong
Correspondent Kristie Lu Stout reports on a visit to Hong Kong's nearest confluence 22N 114E in her Tech Watch segment GPS Quest. A video clip is available in zipped WMV format - ca. 3MB in size.
An MPG format file of lesser quality is also available, about 4.4MB.
Kristie also has a corresponding article on CNN.COM

November 26, 2003:, Toronto, Canada
Assistant editor Shane Schick admits that he'd probably make a very poor confluence hunter as he lacks the collectors' impulse. He attempts to compare the 'Degree of Confluence Project' (sic) to an IT project or an enterprise database. Read Under the confluence to check if he's a better journalist than confluence hunter ...

November 16, 2003: The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN
The Online edition of the Indianapolis Star has a short paragraph on the DCP in an article called Go online for outdoor Web sites.

November 13, 2003: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Perth, Australia
ABC Perth studios reporter Michelle White interviews our Australian coordinator Donna Weston for the Triple J Morning Show.

November 9, 2003: The Sunday Times, Perth, Australia
For Giving Earth a new dimension, Adrian Tame interviewed our Australian coordinator Donna Weston who explains why confluence hunting requires the qualities of a computer nerd, a Monty Python character, a sense of adventure and great powers of persuasion.

October 25, 2003: BBC Radio 4, London, United Kingdom
Storm chasers, experimental tourists, and ... confluence hunters are the interviewees in BBC Radio 4's "Excess baggage" programme featuring British top confluencer Gordon Spence.

October 11, 2003: The Times, London, United Kingdom
In its Saturday, October 11th article, The Times reports about "New age explorers looking for the point". (Article link may require registration for users outside UK)

October 9, 2003: BBC Radio Newcastle (on Tyne), United Kingdom
Natasha Lee of BBC Radio Newcastle upon Tyne interviews (record) British confluence hunter Gordon Spence for the mid-morning Ian Robinson show.

October 6, 2003: BBC News Online, London, United Kingdom
BBC News Online journalist Christine Jeavans describes "a new breed of adventurer" roaming the globe in her article entitled "A unique picture of the world, in 16,146 frames".

September 27, 2003: South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, China
In her article, Theresa Davidovitz writes about Hong Kong's role in the global quest in general and the role played by Targ Parsons in particular.

September 21, 2003: The Daily Camera, Boulder, CO
Although entitled 'It's all about location' Chris Barges' article is really about 'World's Nerdiest Dad', USGS geographer Joseph Kerski as you can see for yourself.

August, 2003: Western 4W Driver, Australia
Editor Nick Underwood reports about a visit to 28S 125E in 4WD convoy, while Douglas Henderson provides facts, figures and explanations about the Project and relates his experiences visiting confluences in the Spring 2003 issue (Note - 900K PDF document) of this quarterly magazine.

August 24, 2003: The Denver Post, Denver, CO
A visit by Ben Manthey inspires Jack Cox to reflect on 'Exploring New Frontiers' and the impulse to blaze new trails.

August 16, 2003: La Presse, Montreal, Canada
Two articles on the DCP in the same issue of this French-language newspaper. In the first one, entitled 'À la conquête de la terre, point par point' Isabelle Duriez gives a general overview of the history of the Project and the motivations behind confluence hunting, while Jean-Philippe Fortin explains how to find degree confluence points in Quebec in the second article, 'Chercher des points au Québec'.

June 20, 2003: The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Australia
'Crazy about crossroads' is Rodney Chesters title for his story about 'a unique approach to traveling'.

June 19, 2003: Computerra, Russia
Yuri Dzyuban writes about the DCP in the russian online magazine Computerra. (English translation courtesy of Eric Lincoln.)

June 12, 2003: Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
The DCP made front page in this issue of the LA Times. Steve Chawkins' article is available online. Note that (free) registration is required to be able to view it.

May 15, 2003: Voice of America News, Washington, D.C.
Ted Landphair's report on the project was aired on May 15th, 2003. A transcript and also a real audio version are available on this VOA News page.

April 26, 2003: The Globe And Mail, Toronto, Canada
A visit in Labrador 53N 57W inspired Rebecca Caldwell to write about the Project in an article entitled They have an aptitude for latitude.

March 19, 2003: Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas
The 'What's Online' page has a paragraph on the DCP: Global Gathering.

March 2003: PC Week Online, Moscow, Russia
We do not yet have a translation of this russian language article by Olga Blinkova entitled Project 'Confluence'.

2003: GPS Info, Russia
Another russian language article written by R.V. Zagretdinov - called 'An amusing journey through the world of whole latitudes and longitudes'.

December 11, 2002: Gulf News, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ginny Chicot introduces the DCP and reports about the visits of member Alasdair MacKenzie in Oman and Abu Dhabi - the article is available online.

October, 2002: Professional Surveyor Magazine, Frederick, MD
The October 2002 issue of Professional Surveyor Magazine mentions the DCP in a sidebar next to an article on geocaching.

October 19, 2002: Etelä-Suomen Sanomat, Lahti, Finland
Finnish newspaper Etelä-Suomen Sanomat has a feature on the DCP.
Pertti Harju kindly provided us with an English translation of the original article in Finnish.

September 30, 2002: The Saudi Gazette, Saudi-Arabia
Peter Harrigan writes about the DCP in Diwaniya - the weekly cultural supplement of the "Saudi Gazette" (one of Saudi Arabia's three English language daily newspapers).
Article reproduced here with kind permission of the author.

September 4, 2002: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany
The "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (German Public Radio for Bavaria) broadcasts parts of an interview with Hermann Grebner on his recent confluence visits in Norway and Finland.

September, 2002: Zoom Magazine, Karlsruhe, Germany
The customer magazine "Zoom" of German company Digital Data Services GmbH has a page on the Project in their 01/2002 issue.

August, 2002: Monitoring Times, Brasstown, NC
The October 2002 issue of Monitoring Times magazine has a paragraph on the project in an article on Having Fun with GPS (Note - 1.02 MB PDF document).

August 31, 2002: The Toronto Star, Toronto, Canada
'Confluence hunters going the distance' is the title of the article in the Life section of the Toronto Star subtitled 'Man unwittingly kicks off new global travel pastime'.

August 21, 2002: CNN Headline News
CNN Headline News conducts a short interview on the Project with Alex Jarrett

July 27, 2002: The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA
Barney Beal writes about the inception of the Project, and a 'demo' visit with the project's founder, Alex Jarrett Alex even made it to the front page !

July 12, 2002: Main-Echo, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Local baker and confluence hunter Hermann Grebner is the subject of this German-language article in the Main-Echo regional newspaper.
(Newspaper article scan Copyright © Main-Echo, reproduced with kind permission)

July 8, 2002: The Public Radio International, Boston, MA
Lisa Mullins of the PRI/BBC show The World interviews Alex Jarrett, founder of the project.

The interview is available in MP3 format in high, medium or low bandwidth versions. (Copyright © 2002 The World.

June 2, 2002: Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki, Finland
'The World is Bush Everywhere' writes Ilkka Malmberg in his article in the Sunday supplement of Helsinki's daily newspaper - 'when you watch reports of confluence points even in the most crowded parts of the world, all you can see is field, desert or bush'.

May 23, 2002: The Zeballos Privateer, Zeballos, BC
Issue number 17 (Note - 2.85MB PDF document), of the Zeballos Privateer, mentions the project on page 3 in an article entitled "Campbell River Scouts base challenge from Zeballos".

It reports on the visit to 50N 127W by fourteen scouts and four leaders from Campbell River, BC.

April, 2002: Geoworld Magazine
The Degree Confluence Projects web site is Internet Resource of the month in the April issue of GeoWorld

March 2002: Discover Magazine, New York City, NY
Discover magazine has a short review of the project in their March Web picks - it concludes: 'The site gives a humbling sense of just how untouched the world really is, as almost all land-based confluences appear to be in 'the middle of nowhere.' For the geographic-minded, it's an intriguing look at what lies beneath the world's imaginary grid.'

March 2002: explore magazine, Toronto, ON
The March/April issue of explore magazine 'Canada's Outdoor Adventure Magazine', on page 18, has an article about confluence hunting. The article is not available via their website, but on the issue's contents page they refer to the project as 'the oddest sport of them all' :)

As the article was written by the same author, there is a fair bit of overlap with the January 2002 Vancouver Sun article

February 24, 2002: La Prensa Grafica (The Graphical Press), San Salvador, El Salvador
The Sunday supplement of La Prensa Grafica, a daily newspaper serving the country of El Salvador has a multipage article on the project entitled 'CHALATENANGO EN INTERNET: El encuentro de las coordenadas' (Chalatenango in the Internet: The meeting of the coordinates)

The article describes how the only confluence in El Salvador was conquered - an english translation of the article can be found here

January 27, 2002: The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX
Jeremy Smith (Universal Press Syndicate) briefly mentions the project in an article entitled On a high-tech scavenger hunt: 'In a related activity, the Degree Confluence Project aims to 'collect' every whole-degree intersection on the navigational map of Earth (for example, 47N, 22W, no minutes or seconds).'

January 12, 2002: The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC
Andrew Finlay of the Vancouver Sun interviewed Canadian coordinator Dave Patton, and explains the goals of the project in his article.

November 28, 2001: Ny Teknik, Stockholm, Sweden
About half of Jan Melins article about Skattjakt med GPS (Treasurehunt with GPS) covers the Degree Confluence Project.
The origins of GPS are explained, and the printed version of the article also has a map of Sweden showing all currently visited confluence points as well as those not yet visited, and a picture of the DCP web page displaying the latest visited confluence in Sweden.

November 13, 2001: Site of the Nite
Scott Herriott from TechTV's show The Screen Savers selected the project as Site of the Nite

November 10, 2001: The Free-Lance Star, Fredericksburg, VA
Page E8 (Travel) -- Man's curiosity about globe is contagious.

Winter 2001: Mini-Review in PCWorld (the magazine's web site) has a short review on the project in their Imaging and Photography / Digital Cameras section.

Fall 2001: Lithuanian newspaper Siauliu naujienos
A journalist and a photographer from this newspaper visit 56N 23E together with norwegian confluence hunter Jan Krogh, and publish a report in their paper.

Fall 2001: GED Connection, Program 21
(produced for public television in the U.S. (PBS) by Kentucky Educational Television) Program segment description: 'Longitude and latitude lines provide points of reference. The Global Positioning System relies on a grid of satellites. The Degree Confluence Project collects photos taken where latitude and longitude lines cross.' Features interviews with Alex Jarrett and Deborah Lindsay.

July 13, 2001: At the Intersection of Geography and Technology
Cara Bafile of Education World wrote an article that includes 'One teacher's experience plus tips for getting your class involved'.

June, 2001: Stichprobe der Welt
The German computer magazine c't has a short article.

April 19, 2001: Web, geography come together at Confluence
USA Today had an article written by A.S. Berman about the project.
An online version is available.

April, 2001: Die Jäger der unsichtbaren Punkte
This can be translated as 'The hunters of the invisible points', and is the title of a German-languade article in Der Stern, a weekly German print magazine.

February, 2001: Surfing the Internet
Sal Towse of Computer Bits Online wrote an article which not only talks about the project, but other things such as atomic orbitals, tunneling through to the other side of Earth, and Naked Librarians.

January 23rd, 2001: Interview with Alex Jarrett
Spike O'Dell of WGN Radio 720 interviews Alex on the Project.