the Degree Confluence Project

Canada : British Columbia

11.3 km (7.0 miles) W of Zeballos, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Approx. altitude: 441 m (1446 ft)
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Antipode: 50°S 53°E

Accuracy: 21 m (68 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Mountain to West #3: View to South #4: View to East #5: Group Photo at Zeballos Mine #6: Mountain from slash area #7: Arbutus tree on mountain. (unusual that far north)

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  50°N 127°W  

#1: Waterfall to North

(visited by john robilliard)

18-May-2002 -- Early in 2002, some members of 1st Campbell River Scout Troop read an article in the Vancouver Sun on a confluence attempt on the 49th Parallel and thought, "Wow! Our hometown of Campbell River is on the 50th parallel. Perhaps there is one near us."

We found the website, www.confluence.org, and noted there were two confluence sites on Vancouver Island on the 50th parallel. One site is at the top boundary of Strathcona Park and the other one is outside of Zeballos.

The Zeballos one looked the easier of the two. As a result, the boys and leaders got together to plan the great adventure. We went to work and brushed up on our topographical map reading, compass work, and GPS skills.

Our contact person, who lives in Zeballos and knows the area well, upon our arrival on Friday evening May 17, met us and we went over the maps together. He said, "I think I can get you close". So on Saturday morning, May 18 he led us along a series of logging roads to a slash area about 3K from the site. From that point, it was a endless slog through underbrush and up a mountain.

Due to physical limitations, minor injuries, and risk factors, a number of the boys with some leaders in support had to turn back to base. Attesting to the determination and dedication of our Troop a core of our strongest boys and leaders made it to the confluence of 50°N, 127°W.

This adventure was very much a group effort and without the total commitment of 14 boys and 4 leaders to the single focus of finding the confluence, not one of us would have made it. The weekend was rounded-off by a local newspaper editor and town historian, Roland Shanks, taking the troop under his wing and taking us on an extensive tour of abandoned gold mines and a working one.

Thanks to this website our Troop had a great adventure and learned many things about nature, the area, and themselves. Through the finding of the confluence, there was not a boy that did not challenge himself beyond anything that they had done before.

John Robilliard, Scouter, 1st Campbell River Scout Troop

Coordinator's Note: see our Press Room page for links to the Zeballos paper that wrote an article about this visit.

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#1: Waterfall to North
#2: Mountain to West
#3: View to South
#4: View to East
#5: Group Photo at Zeballos Mine
#6: Mountain from slash area
#7: Arbutus tree on mountain. (unusual that far north)
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