the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Georgia

3.1 miles (5.0 km) NNW of Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, GA, USA
Approx. altitude: 311 m (1020 ft)
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Antipode: 34°S 96°E

Quality: good

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#2: Trees near the confluence (behind the house) #3: The house #4: Looking at the same trees as #2 #5: Very bad pictures of me near the confluence

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  34°N 84°W (visit #1)  

#1: The dog of the house

(visited by Ada Kerman)

18-Mar-1998 -- I knew I was going to be in Atlanta, Georgia on business, so I asked Alex in advance about confluences near there. He sent me a list of the four closest points, and also directions to the location northeast of Atlanta, which looked like it was in a housing development. Also he posted a map on a hidden page on the Degree Confluence site. I brought the directions with me on the trip but for some reason (probably because our printer at home was not hooked up) I didn't bring the map along.

I set out from Atlanta around the peak of rush hour, and it took most of an hour to get to the housing development, which was in or near Buford, Georgia. I parked in a deserted parking lot near an outdoor exercise facility (basketball or tennis courts or something of that nature). There were signs all over the parking lot that you couldn't park there if you didn't belong to the exercise club. I took the calculated risk that no one would care and set off on foot, searching for the confluence.

Alex's directions said "turn left onto Timber Laurel Lane. Go 283 feet down Timber Laurel Lane to the street location nearest the confluence. The confluence is due east 112 feet (probably in someone's backyard)." Also, "Another way to determine the street location nearest the confluence is to go further down Timber Laurel Lane to Foxcroft Rd, and then backtrack 353 feet." As soon as I turned onto Timber Laurel Lane, I started counting paces, with the vague idea that two of my steps (one pace) was a yard. If so, they were very long yards since I was almost to Foxcroft Road when my calculations put me at 283 feet. I continued to Foxcroft, took the number of paces I'd walked on Timber Laurel Lane and did some math based on ratios to figure where along that stretch of road I'd be due east of the confluence. It put me near someone's house. Unfortunately, the sky was overcast. I was looking around, trying to determine which way was east, when the inhabitants arrived home.

I plucked up my courage and asked the woman who got out of the car which way was east. She didn't know. I sort of tried to explain why I was there (she lived near the intersection of a whole latitude and longitude line) but she said she didn't really understand that kind of thing. Then I asked which way Atlanta was from here; she tried to give me driving directions but eventually I got her to point to it. Since Atlanta was roughly southwest of there, I knew east was towards her property. Then I asked her if she minded me taking pictures and she said no and went inside.

After I took some pictures and was about to walk to the car, I remembered most people take pictures of themselves at the confluence, went back, and took a picture of myself at arm's length. When I got back to the car it was still there so all in all it was a good visit.

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#1: The dog of the house
#2: Trees near the confluence (behind the house)
#3: The house
#4: Looking at the same trees as #2
#5: Very bad pictures of me near the confluence
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