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3.6 km (2.2 miles) NNE of Khemis Ait Yadine, Rabat-Salé-Kenitra, Morocco
Approx. altitude: 278 m (912 ft)
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Antipode: 34°S 174°E

Accuracy: 9 m (29 ft)
Quality: good

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  34°N 6°W (visit #2)  

#1: General view

(visited by Helmut Resch and Babs Coleman)

09-Jul-2008 -- This is the 35th of a series of 83 confluence visits during our voyage from Nigeria to Europe and back to Nigeria around the entire African continent. It all started on 28 January at 11N 5E.

Story continues from 34N 5W.

We spent a couple of days in Fès where we had the privilege to attend a Moroccan wedding ceremony, the whole festivities lasted 4 days. It was incredible to see this fairytale wedding with hundreds of guest all dressed up in their best very colourful gowns and wonderful jewelleries, the abandons of deliciously tasting food, the fascinating music and singing, and all the dancing. It was an unforgettable experience for us.

After leaving Fès we spent one day in Meknès visited the Medina and the ancient roman settlement Volubilis. From Meknès we took the road to Khémisset, turned off and took the road leading to Sidi Slimane. A few kilometres after the village Khémis Aït Yadine, the road passes the Confluence as close as 900 meters. Numerous paths all lined with cactus plants were leading to the Confluence - we parked our vehicle on such a cactus-lined path 20 meter away from the Confluence.

The Confluence is right next to a house. We were invited to come into the house and were not able to reject the invitation for tea followed by something to eat. Eventually we were able to leave, very impressed by the hospitality of these people. Unfortunately, a few hours later we found out that both of our mobile phones and the money from the wallet, which we left in the vehicle, were missing. The mobile phones and the stolen money did not add up to a great amount of value but it left a bitter memory. To all future visitors to this Confluence: watch your belongings around this place.

Continued at 50N 9E.

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