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Namibia : Omaheke

2.5 km (1.6 miles) SE of Okawangwa, Omaheke, Namibia
Approx. altitude: 1426 m (4678 ft)
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Antipode: 21°N 161°W

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: View to the South #3: View to the West #4: View to the North #5: View to the East #6: GPS Reading #7: Ground Zero #8: The Confluence Hunters #9: Shopping Center in Otjinene

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  21°S 19°E  

#1: The Confluence from 10 m

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elvis)

09-Dec-2020 -- This is the first out of 4 confluence reports on my two-week bicycle trip (2000 km) through Namibia, my 119th country to visit confluence points.

To escape the dark and cold European winter I choose Namibia as my travel destination. But anyway, only African countries are now accepting European travellers without requirement for a quarantine. When your Covid-19 test is negative, you can enter the country and roam freely.

Three days before confluence day, I hopped out of the plane at 9 PM in Windhoek. Three hours later, I was finally on the road. It took so long, because I was the last in the line. I also had to unpack my bicycle from the box and organize a local SIM-card, cash etc. I cycled eastwards to Gobabis and then took the long and lonely new asphalted road northwards through the desert.

On confluence day, I started from Otjinene 30 km from the confluence point. A dusty desert road brought me up to a distance of 9 km. From there, a track with deep sand leads further to the confluence point. Cycling through this sand turned out to be impossible. I had to push my bike through the sand. In addition, thorny branches lie on the ground threatening to flatten my tires. Doubts appeared, whether I really should walk these 18 km through the hot desert or simply give it up.

The track is rarely used. I estimated that it had been last used about a week ago. So there was no hope that I could hitchhike. But just in the moment when I had these thoughts, a car appeared. It was a single man from a local health organisation with a big 4WD, who could easily load my bicycle. Moreover, he turned out to be interested in confluence hunting! My new friend Elvis tried to drive as close to the point as possible. We finally parked the car at a distance of 940 m and walked to the point. The area is actually inhabited - there is a village with farmers. One of their fences prevented us to drive directly to the confluence point. So we had a chat with the farmer and a pleasant stroll to the confluence point. The confluence itself is in dry bushland with some scattered trees.

Conveniently, Elvis only had to pick someone up in the village, such that he could take me all the way back to the town Otjinene! For me, this confluence visit turned out to be much easier than I could ever had hoped for. Such are rare cases however, normally, it gets more difficult than one could expect.

CP Visit Details:

  • Distance to a road: 9 km
  • Distance to a track: 940 m
  • Distance of car/bicycle parking: 940 m
  • Time to reach the confluence from the road: 30 min
  • Time at the confluence: 8:31 AM
  • Measured height: 1406 m
  • Minimal distance according to GPS: 0 m
  • Position accuracy: 3 m
  • Topography: flat
  • Vegetation: agricultural land, scattered bushes and trees.
  • Weather: sunny, 26° C (felt temperature)
  • Given Name: The Car from Heaven Confluence

The story continues at 20°S 18°E.

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#1: The Confluence from 10 m
#2: View to the South
#3: View to the West
#4: View to the North
#5: View to the East
#6: GPS Reading
#7: Ground Zero
#8: The Confluence Hunters
#9: Shopping Center in Otjinene
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