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News Archive (101 - 200)

a very long confluence trip [10-Dec-08]
Eric Schlameisen and two friends skied, using kites, 2600 km from the south to the north end of Greenland, on the way they visited 75°N 48°W

two countries finished... [29-Nov-08]
With his 89th 50N-14E and 90th 49N-14E visits, member Wojciech Czombik completes his second country.

antipodean pair [23-Nov-08]
A brief tour of the Spanish Peninsula by Rainer Mautz starting here 41N-04W also completed the antipodean pair of 43N-07W and 43S-173E.

central district of russia is complete [15-Nov-08]
A visit to 50N 41E completed Central Federal District, one of 7 federal districts of Russia. It includes 17 regions [states], occupies 652,800 sq km and contains 91 confluences.

6000 visits [26-Sep-08]
The visit to 44N 123E was the 6000th unique successful visit posted (primary & secondary confluences combined). It was in China, as well as 5000th visit.

china by bicycle [26-Sep-08]
Rainer Mautz cycled 3828 km in rarely visited northern China to visit 23 confluences. It all starts here.

australian outback trip [07-Sep-08]
Stephen Langman and his group went on their annual trip into the outback. Taking in 7 points along the way including a first time visit to 25S-130E. The adventure starts here 30S-135E.

33 confluence trek in china [06-Sep-08]
Targ Parsons and his wife Ah Feng visited 33 confluences in 26 days (incidentally pushing the percentage of visited, indexed confluences past 33.33%). It all starts here.

highest visit in canada [27-Aug-08]
52°N 117°W, the highest primary confluence in Canada, located in the Canadian Rockies, has been visited, and includes some spectacular views.

confluence mystery solved [11-Aug-08]
Often a visit to a Confluence raises unexpected questions, and puzzling mysteries remain unsolved. Already in 2001 Stefan Beck visited a Confluence in the U.A.E., but the question 'Who is Jett?' remained unanswered for a long time. After nearly six years, this mystery got finally solved, see coordinator's note at 25N 56E.

the midnight sun confluence [05-Aug-08]
Daniel Zwick and Friederike StĆ¼ttgen were lucky enough to see the midnight sun as they visited 68°N 13°E in Norway.

full set of mainland uk points [26-Jun-08]
With his recent visit to 58N-05W, Gordon Spence completed his quest to successfully visit all of the points of mainland UK.

first "underwater" visit [23-Jun-08]
After several months of testing Rainer Mautz revisited 47N-07E but this time going down to the lake bottom.

serbia & montenegro - complete [23-Jun-08]
Philipp Funovits and Katharina Gugerell recently completed serbia & montenegro with a visit to 42N-19E

precisely nowhere [07-Jun-08]
Well worth watching is the video of Tim and Tyler's visit to 51°N 124°W, which also includes a nice introduction to confluence hunting and the Degree Confluence Project. (see the visit page for links to the video on YouTube)

because it's there. (sort of.) [23-May-08]
A 9-page article (3.8MB PDF) in the June 2008 Outside Magazine explores confluence hunting through the story of Greg Michaels' visit to 18°S 69°W in Bolivia

country 179: solomon islands [03-Apr-08]
Patrick Dunnigan visited 9S 159E and 9S 160E on a diving trip to the Solomon Islands.

djibouti is country 178 [01-Apr-08]
A visit of Phil Boyle to 11N 42E added the two-confluence-country Djibouti as the 178th country to our list.

journey by motorbike in india [25-Mar-08]
David Coombs and John Mountford rented a couple of Royal Enfield motorbikes and visited/attempted 16 confluences in India. Starting with 22N 86E.

let's go and do ireland [24-Mar-08]
A chance encounter with a cheap air fare deal led Gordon Spence to go and try to do all 13 confluence points in the Emerald Isle. Twelve successes were achieved. It all starts here at 52N 08W.

big scandinavian confluence trip [22-Mar-08]
last fall Jan & Renate Liska spent 17 days visiting 19 confluences in Denmark, Sweden & Norway. Their trip started at 55°N 12°E

togo and burkina faso are complete [11-Mar-08]
A visit to 8N 1E completed the four Confluences in Togo. And a four-day trip starting at 13N 0 ticked off the remaining four Confluences in Burkina Faso.

journey from nigeria to europe [26-Feb-08]
Babs Coleman and Helmut Resch have set off for a long journey from Nigeria to Europe. There are, of course, lots of Confluences to be visited on the way... The story starts at 11N 5E.

after california wildfires [03-Jan-08]
In October 2007, a large wildfire swept across 33N, 117W. Since then, Marshall Klow and Dave Brooks have both revisited the confluence. A landowner has problems with landslides and asks that we not visit, but you can read their reports here and here.

value of revisiting [14-Dec-07]
Conflagration near Chita city made dramatic changes in wilderness around 52N 113E. That was described in the third visit to this confluence.

vanuatu [30-Nov-07]
With a visit to 15N 167E Vanuatu became the latest country with a complete or incomplete visits.

another country added [29-Nov-07]
On the 18th November 2007 the first succesful visit to Turkmenistan was recorded, the expedition was led by Alexander Frolov & Mike Karavanov.

100 visits and counting [17-Nov-07]
On the 14th September this year, Gordon Spence became just the 10th member to log 100 confluence visits. The first visit and the 100th were to the same point 28N 82W some 4380 miles from home.

walking through minefields [03-Nov-07]
Greg Michaels has visited the last four remaining points in "Europe", starting with 45N 19E. All of these points are in Bosnia/Herzegovina and Michael's reports make poignant reading. If you consider visiting these prepare well and remember you may literally be dicing with death.

another member completes a country [03-Nov-07]
Earlier this year Wojciech Czombik completed his quest to visit all of the land points in his native Poland. His quest started at 52N 17E and finished at 54N 23E.

russia reaches 400 visits [22-Oct-07]
A visit to 46N 41E was 400th confluence visited in Russia. For this achievement it needed 494 successful visits and 552 total.

belarus is complete [26-Sep-07]
Gennadiy Korol and Matvey Piskunov after their third attempt successfully visited 52N 28E, and at the same time completed the Confluences of Belarus.

confluence marathon [18-Sep-07]
Joseph Kerski set out on June 28th to see how many confluences he could visit in one day. His journey started at 38N, 103W.

6 days, 3500 km, 11 confluences [10-Sep-07]
M. Zakharenko and V. Chernorutsky made a confluence journey in Russian European North visiting/attempting 11 new confluences. It all starts here.

the midnight sun confluence trip [19-Aug-07]
David Williams drove from North Cape in Norway to Helsinki, Finland, and on the way he visited 11 confluences, one for each degree latitude, within just 72 hours.

Ukraine is complete [28-Jun-07]
A visit to 46N 29E completes the land-based Confluences of Ukraine. Now four offshore Confluences are remaining.

south africa is complete [22-May-07]
A group visit to 29S 21E completes the land-based Confluences of South Africa. Only seven offshore Confluences are remaining now.

another member completes a country [20-May-07]
Recently Karl Bryk completed the entire set of confluence points in Austria, on many of these he was accompanied by his son Michael and wife Andrea

175 countries [08-May-07]
A visit of Captain Peter to the marine confluence 18N 75W added the tiny island of Navassa as the 175th country to our list.

5000 primary confluences [01-May-07]
The visit to 28N 68E in Pakistan was the 5000th unique successful visit to a primary confluence posted.

czech republic [08-Apr-07]
Jan Liska and his wife Renate completed all of the points in the Czech Republic with a visit to 51N 15E

oman is complete [15-Jan-07]
The fourth attempt on 23N 59E finally lead to success, and at the same time completed the land-based Confluences of Oman.

30 percent [29-Dec-06]
Based on the currently indexed confluences, 30% of the primary confluences have now been visited!

4000 km by bicycle [25-Dec-06]
Rainer Mautz spent 2 months cycling from China to Central Asia, visiting/attempting 22 confluences. It all starts here.

australian christmas trip [24-Dec-06]
Stephan Theriault and his family recently made a long trip to visit family for Christmas, 27S 152E was the last stop. Follow the trail back...

20 000 km confluence trip [22-Dec-06]
Fabrice Blocteur traveled from Japan to France (mostly by land and motorcycle) and visited many confluences along the way. It all starts here.

grand canyon attempt [18-Dec-06]
Elizabeth Browning attempted the Grand Canyon confluence recently. Check out this incomplete visit for an informative narrative and the photos of the Grand Canyon.

tunisia complete [13-Nov-06]
A visit to 31N 10E completes the land-based Confluences of Tunisia. Only two offshore Confluences are remaining now.

another epic china trip [30-Oct-06]
Targ Parsons and Ah Feng spent a month traveling rural China visiting 19 confluences. It all starts here.

netherlands antilles is complete [19-Oct-06]
Steaming on to 12N 69W, also the remaining Confluence of the 2-confluence archipelago Netherlands Antilles was finished.

trinidad and tobago is complete [19-Oct-06]
A visit by cargo ship to 11N 61W completed the two Confluences of Trinidad and Tobago.

new country [22-Sep-06]
A marine visit to confluence 13N 61W put Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as the 172nd country on our list.

geographic center of asia [31-Aug-06]
A new special visit to the Geographic Center of Asia has been posted.

shipwrecked confluence [28-Aug-06]
Sometimes, confluences seem to elect the strangest places to lie on, or is it rather vice-versa? 30N 48E in southern Iraq was located on the half-sunken deck of a rusty shipwreck in a riverway.

5000 visits [09-Jul-06]
The visit to 37N 122E in China was the 5000th unique successful visit posted (primary & secondary confluences combined).

india joins 100 club [24-Jun-06]
16N 75E is the 100th confluence visited in India

norway (& scandinavia) complete! [01-May-06]
olli sundell used xc skis and dog sled teams to reach the two last mainland confluences in norway: 70°N 26°E and 69°N 25°E

two new site features [25-Feb-06]
The Search page now has options to download search results as an OziExplorer waypoint file, GPX waypoint file, or Google Earth placemarks file. Also, a new Methods of Transportation page has been added.

ten year anniversary [20-Feb-06]
Ten years ago, on February 20, 1996, Alex Jarrett and Peter Cline visited the first confluence at 43°N 72°W.

fiji [10-Jan-06]
With a visit to 17N 177E Fiji became the latest country with a complete or incomplete visits.

13 western usa confluences [21-Dec-05]
Shawn Fleming took a five-day trip across Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana, visiting 13 confluences along the way. His trip starts here.

one month, 24 confluences [08-Nov-05]
Targ Parsons has spent a month travelling rural China visiting 24 confluences. It all starts here.

geographical center of north america [22-Oct-05]
A Special Visit to Rugby, North Dakota, USA, to the Geographical Center of North America illustrates how such a designation of "the center" can only be approximate.

nevada complete [17-Oct-05]
The last land confluence in the contiguous United States has finally been documented. 37N 116E is on very restricted government property known as the Nevada Test Site.

high arctic adventure [15-Oct-05]
A six week adventure in Canada's high arctic, travelling by skis and sleds, included a visit to 76°N 79°W, along with polar bears, seals, belugas, long-tail ducks, and murres.

an international "incident" - almost [01-Oct-05]
Phil Sharpe was in Romania doing charity work when a visit to 47N 28E meant a run-in with the locals and making friends with the border police.

and yet another new country... [23-Sep-05]
A three-week bike tour by Rainer Mautz through West Africa offered the opportunity for three confluence visits, and added one more new country to the list: Guinea. The story starts with 13N 16W.

another new country added [21-Sep-05]
Armenia became the newest country to be added to those succesfully visited, when Philipp and Anna visited 40N 45E

romania is now complete [29-Aug-05]
David Coombs recently spent a weekend completing the last two confluences in Romania yet to be succesfully visited. 45N 29E & 47N 28E

swimming to a confluence [26-Aug-05]
Hermann Grebner put on a wetsuit and swam 111 m in ice cold mountain water to reach 70°N 29°E, one of the last confluences in Norway

25 percent [15-Aug-05]
Based on the currently indexed confluences, 25% of the primary confluences have now been visited! It took a little over a year to get from 20% to 25%...

new country [11-Aug-05]
Gabon newly entered the list of countries with visited confluences. Unfortunately, dense rain forest and poor satellite reception hampered the full achievement of the aim 0N 11E, but 0N 12E was successfully bagged with the help of the local railway police.

highest confluence visited [02-Aug-05]
It took over 2 weeks to complete the visit to 33N 80E in Tibet.

don't trespass here! [27-Jul-05]
Jeremy Watson made a successful visit to 13S 132E in the company of the Australian army. I would suggest that you don't trespass

centre of "our" world [13-Jul-05]
Way back in 1884, it was decided that Greenwich here in the UK would be the centre of the world with regard to navigation and coordinates. Recently Rainer Mautz made the first visit to the Prime Meridian at Greenwich since SA was switched off.

another one for the closer [30-Jun-05]
Todd Barber likes closing out state's primary confluences (he's done it 5 times before), this time it was Ohio and 39N 83W.

52n 06e on the radio [15-Jun-05]
Recently Henk de Jong, went along with a reporter from Radio Netherlands to 52N 06E.

wyoming complete [09-Jun-05]
The last confluence in Wyoming, 43°N, 109°W, was visited in April. Todd Barber went there with some local high schoolers. four guides, and Bob, the confluence lizard.

how many people can you fit on one point [30-May-05]
Recently Matthis Kremer, organised a school outing with a difference, 470 visitors descended on 48N 09E to set a new world record.

geographic centre of australia [30-May-05]
Recently Jeremy Watson, compiled a report on the Geographic Centre of Australia. Though there are many methods of calculating this point...

17 hours = 1120km = 10 successful visits [22-May-05]
Rainer Mautz and Elionora undertook a marathon drive recently to visit as many points as possible in one day. They successfully reached 10, starting at 50N 11E

travel by dog sled teams [11-May-05]
A visit to 63°N 109°W in the Northwest Territories, using four dog sled teams totaling twenty-six huskies, brings the total number of visits for Canada to 350.

166 countries [10-May-05]
A visit to 14S 33E puts Malawi as a new entry on the list of countries with visits.

3 more countries [03-May-05]
Recent confluence visits to Haiti, Guinea-Bissau, and Liberia push the number of countries with visits to 165.

162 countries [21-Apr-05]
A series of four adventurous visits starting with 14N 44E adds Yemen to the list of countries with visits.

website maintenance [09-Apr-05]
On April 11, 2005, starting at 18:00 UTC (6:00PM UTC), this website was unavailable for about 15 minutes due to planned website maintenance. For a period of a few hours surrounding that time, logins to the Member page were disabled, but everything should now be back to normal. If you notice any problems, please contact your regional coordinator.

160 countries [16-Mar-05]
An incomplete visit to 12°N 62°W, in Grenada, brings the total number of countries with visits to 160.

japan (land) complete [17-Jan-05]
Japan's last land confluence has been visited. However, with more than half of the country's confluences in the water there are still many to document.

40,000 photographs [28-Dec-04]
From a humble beginning in 1996 with 4 photographs of the "confluence that started it all", 43°N 72°W, the Degree Confluence Project has grown to the point that as 2004 comes to a close the website has over 40,000 photographs, from 159 countries.

159 countries [21-Dec-04]
A visit to 19°S 65°W, in Bolivia, and a visit to 15°N 91°W, in Guatemala brings the total number of countries with visits to 159.

half-way to the pole (or equator) [17-Dec-04]
Recently Vincent Caillard made a visit to 45N on the Prime Meridian. What lies at this point half-way from equator to pole on the Zero line? A signpost from a previous vistor - with the spelling corrected by the locals...

argentina reaches 100 [17-Dec-04]
Argentina is the 9th country to have 100 or more successful confluence visits

157 countries [10-Dec-04]
A visit to 17°N 63°W, in the country of Saint Kitts and Nevis, brings the total number of countries with visits to 157.

2005 calendar [07-Dec-04]
The Degree Confluence Project 2005 calendar is available for download from the 2005 Calendar page. It is a high resolution PDF document that you can print, and is donationware.

germany to china by land [30-Nov-04]
Rainer Mautz traveled from Germany to China (mostly) by land. He filed 29 reports (26 complete, 3 incomplete), the story starts here.

re-visits aren't worthwhile??? [03-Nov-04]
Those who thought like this until now should take a comparative look at 24N 55E as it looked like 3 years ago, and at 24N 55E as it looks like in the meantime. A dramatic change indeed, and worth being documented for the DCP.

geographic center of the ec [14-Oct-04]
After the recent expansion of the European Community to the East, Sixta Verlauth and Juergen de Haas , members of the team of the Explorer Magazin paid a visit to the center of the European Continent.

146 visitors [08-Oct-04]
A visit to 55°N 83°E had 146 visitors, a new record, as well as determining the location with an accuracy of 10mm!

6 confluences in a single day [06-Oct-04]
Shawn Fleming and Sam Gallucci managed to visit six Nevada confluences in a single day, starting with 38°N 118°W

finland complete (again) [06-Oct-04]
With the visits to two offshore confluences, at 60°N 22°E and 60°N 21°E, all indexed confluences in Finland have been visited.

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