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Knight, Hugh
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29°S 127°E preview image29°S 127°E
103.0 km (64.0 miles) SW of Beadell, WA, Australia
29°S 129°E preview image29°S 129°E
141.2 km (87.7 miles) ESE of Beadell, WA, Australia
29°S 128°E preview image29°S 128°E
75.6 km (46.9 miles) SSE of Beadell, WA, Australia
27°S 128°E preview image27°S 128°E
124.8 km (77.5 miles) SSE of Ngaanyatjarra-Giles, WA, Australia
29°S 131°E preview image29°S 131°E
141.3 km (87.7 miles) NNW of Maralinga, SA, Australia
29°S 130°E preview image29°S 130°E
180.0 km (111.8 miles) S of Wartaru Homeland, SA, Australia
29°S 139°E preview image29°S 139°E
115.2 km (71.5 miles) NE of Marree, SA, Australia
29°S 141°E preview image29°S 141°E
0.4 km (0.2 miles) S of Cameron Corner (QLD), NSW, Australia
30°S 134°E preview image30°S 134°E
95.6 km (59.4 miles) NW of Tarcoola, SA, Australia
30°S 132°E preview image30°S 132°E
41.7 km (25.9 miles) ENE of Maralinga, SA, Australia
30°S 131°E preview image30°S 131°E
61.2 km (38.0 miles) WNW of Maralinga, SA, Australia
30°S 130°E preview image30°S 130°E
78.8 km (48.9 miles) NNW of Cook, SA, Australia
31°S 133°E preview image31°S 133°E
97.9 km (60.8 miles) NNE of Bookabie, SA, Australia
31°S 132°E preview image31°S 132°E
58.0 km (36.0 miles) NNE of Yalata, SA, Australia
31°S 131°E preview image31°S 131°E
70.6 km (43.8 miles) SE of Cook, SA, Australia
31°S 127°E preview image31°S 127°E
99.8 km (62.0 miles) N of Madura, WA, Australia
33°S 124°E preview image33°S 124°E
64.2 km (39.9 miles) S of Balladonia, WA, Australia
30°S 124°E preview image30°S 124°E
97.5 km (60.5 miles) NE of Cundeelee, WA, Australia
32°S 128°E preview image32°S 128°E
29.3 km (18.2 miles) SW of Mundrabilla, WA, Australia
32°S 124°E preview image32°S 124°E
49.1 km (30.5 miles) NNW of Balladonia, WA, Australia
32°S 125°E preview image32°S 125°E
54.9 km (34.1 miles) WNW of Caiguna, WA, Australia
32°S 122°E preview image32°S 122°E
30.2 km (18.8 miles) NE of Norseman, WA, Australia
31°S 125°E preview image31°S 125°E
31.0 km (19.3 miles) W of Rawlinna, WA, Australia
31°S 123°E preview image31°S 123°E
50.8 km (31.5 miles) SW of Cundeelee, WA, Australia
31°S 124°E preview image31°S 124°E
40.5 km (25.2 miles) E of Zanthus, WA, Australia
32°S 123°E preview image32°S 123°E
6.3 km (3.9 miles) N of Fraser Range, WA, Australia
33°S 120°E preview image33°S 120°E
30.7 km (19.1 miles) ENE of Lake King, WA, Australia
33°S 121°E preview image33°S 121°E
33.2 km (20.6 miles) SSE of North Cascade, WA, Australia