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Information about the Degree Confluence Project

The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures, along with a narrative, are then posted on this web site. This creates an organized sampling of the world.

Another goal is to document the changes at these locations over time. Although we initially want to visit as many different locations as possible, don't hesitate to revisit a confluence if you're in the area.

We've excluded confluences in the oceans and dropped some near the poles, but there are still 9,686 to be found. You're invited to help. There is a confluence within 49 miles (79 km) of you if you are on the surface of Earth.

I (Alex Jarrett) started the project in February 1996 because I liked the idea of visiting a location represented by a round number such as 43°00'00"N 72°00'00"W. What would be there? Would other people have recognized this as a unique spot? Another reason was that my friend managed to convince me to buy a GPS and I had to come up with something to do with it. I also hoped to encourage people to get outside, tromp around in places they normally would never go, and take pictures of it.

I visited several confluences of my own and posted them to my personal web site. Before long others found the site and visited confluences of their own, and it just snowballed from there.

All photos and stories are copyrighted by the people who created them. Everything else is copyright © 2003 by Alex Jarrett unless otherwise stated.

Pictures/stories submitted to the project remain the property of the person or persons who took/authored them. This person or persons grants the project the following rights, provided proper credit is given:

  1. To publish them anywhere on its web site,
  2. To publish them in printed or electronic form, such as calendars, t-shirts, books, or CD-ROMs, that promote or fund the project.

We won't do any of the following:

  1. Publish your e-mail address without your permission (as you specify on your member page).
  2. Sell or give away our mailing lists.

Any benefit derived from your pictures or stories will go toward the project, as decided by the project's managers. The project is non-profit, although not yet incorporated.