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United Kingdom : England

1.1 km (0.7 miles) W of Barkway, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Approx. altitude: 142 m (465 ft)
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Antipode: 52°S 180°

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: East #3: South #4: West #5: GPS Montage #6: Not so special anymore? #7: NW-N-SE Panorama

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  52°N 0° (visit #6)  

#1: North

(visited by Gordon Spence)

17-Apr-2004 -- This second CP of the day, and completes the CP square (51N 0W - 51N 1E - 52N 1E - 52N 0W), started nine days ago,and takes me back to the Prime Meridian, unlike 51N 0W there are no signs of human habitation anywhere on the 0W line that you can see.

As time was now getting on and I had to be home to let my youngest daughter in (who had forgotten her key) I decided to take the same route in as last time. I had already said I would be "home in 90 minutes" twice in the last three hours!

Parking at the same bridleway, there was a lot less surface water around than last time, in fact I could have driven at least 500 yards closer, but it was a lovely warm Spring day. Walking in got the vote.

Last time I was here I noted that there was a site of Special Wildlife Interest, as you can see from this new picture (Pic 6), maybe perhaps they lost interest?

With having the benefit of knowing exactly where I was going, I didn't follow the bridlepath all the way around but simply cut straight into the appropriate field at the earliest point. Moving exactly onto the Prime Meridian I noticed that yet again (Pic 5) the GPS can't make up it's mind which hemisphere it is in, East or West?

What I found was that just like 52N 1E earlier in the day, this CP looked exatly the same in Spring as it did in the Winter, a Summer revisit is definitely called for!

If you stand on exactly 0.0.0 and look due North (Pic 1) what do you see? A tractor trail, now that's what I call extremely accurate driving, uncanny in fact. The cardinal views East (Pic 2), South (Pic 3) and West (Pic 4) round out the set.

To try and give a feel for how open the countryside is in this part of the UK the last shot (Pic 7) is a NW-N-SE panorama.

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#1: North
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#5: GPS Montage
#6: Not so special anymore?
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