the Degree Confluence Project

United States : California

3.7 miles (5.9 km) E of Calimesa, Riverside, CA, USA
Approx. altitude: 1024 m (3359 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreeMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 34°S 63°E

Accuracy: 90 m (295 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: (East-North) Up to the main ridge #3: (South-West) Looking down the ravine, Moreno Valley under haze #4: (West-North) From top of slope-Mt San Antonio & San Bernardino #5: GPS: D-M-S #6: GPS: UTM

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  34°N 117°W (visit #3)  

#1: 90m from the confluence (top middle)

(visited by Sam Gallucci)

21-Mar-2004 -- Since moving to Riverside County, I've been meaning to visit this confluence because it is considerably close. Yesterday, I attempted the confluence from the east. As the maps show and the previous logs for this confluence, the western side seemed to be the most logical way.

So, turning onto Toucan Ct near Cherry Valley,CA, I continued up a paved road that lead to a water tank. The paved road was gated and I parked on Toucan. After walking to the water tank, I found a ledge that followed up along the fence around the tank. I followed various animal trails up to the ridge (as described in the previous visits) I walked along the ridge and found the confluence about 220m below the ridge down a very steep ravine. The sub-ridge that neared it was too steep for my taste. I continued along the ridge to near a house upon the ridge with hemispheres as a roof. I found a dirt path back down to the streets. While I was up there I could see a dirt path that lead from the western side.

This morning I made it to County Line Road in Calimesa. I followed it to just before the gated community. I found many dirt paths in the area south of the road. Instead of going east up to the water tank, I took dirt paths to the south. I found the right one that lead up to the sub-ridge I found the previous afternoon. I walked up it to the sound of dirt bikes. I found the confluence to be just on the other side of the couloir near the bottom. I humped it over a bump in the sub-ridge and started down into the ravine. The dirt was soft enough and the vegetation of the type that made it possible to climb down. I reached to where a wooden stake was and stopped to take a GPS reading. The wooden stake had "Point on a Line" written on it. At first I thought that it might be the confluence be chance, but it wasn't. I checked the GPS and found I was close enough to make it official. 90m.

I took a picture down and across the bottom to where the confluence actually is. I took the other pictures. And made it back up to the dirt path. Since the slope I was on was very steep, a north and west picture was not feasable. I took a picture of those directions at the top, a mere 150m.

On my way back down I ran across a rattlesnake in the path. I almost stepped on it because I was fiddling with the GPS. I heard the rattle and saw the cocked snake head and stopped in my tracks and walked backwards up the ridge as fast as I could. I went back down another way. (There are two ways to get down, so I decided to take the other.

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#1: 90m from the confluence (top middle)
#2: (East-North) Up to the main ridge
#3: (South-West) Looking down the ravine, Moreno Valley under haze
#4: (West-North) From top of slope-Mt San Antonio & San Bernardino
#5: GPS: D-M-S
#6: GPS: UTM
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