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5.7 km (3.5 miles) NNW of Dötk (Zala), Vas, Hungary
Approx. altitude: 157 m (515 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 163°W

Quality: good

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#2: GPS showing 17E / 47N #3: Stefan at the spot #4: Anna at the spot #5: The thermal bath of Zalaszentgrot

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  47°N 17°E (visit #1)  

#1: View to south

(visited by Stefan Teuscher and Anna-Katharina Teuscher)

04-Sep-2001 -- We were on vacations on a camp-site near the thermal bath of Heviz.

In the morning we started, we were not aware that we were so close to the confluence point, although we knew the area quite well from our holidays in the previous year.

While approaching the confluence point we discovered a new thermal open air bath in Zalaszentgrot.

It is only a few kilometers away from the confluence point and we decided to go there after our successful investigations.

Starting our detailed search we drove the street from Zalaszentgrot via Zalaber in the direction of Berbaltavar until we crossed the longitude of 17 degrees. There was a farm track leading exactly to the north. After 200m we left the car and decided to walk over a harvested field of wheat.

Then the GPS showed another 1000m diagonally into a field of maize. Crossing a maize field diagonally might be very exhausting.

Therefore we walked along the field until the GPS showed 90 degrees right into it. Now getting into the field was easier, because walking in parallel to the planted rows was possible.

After another few hundred meters we reached the spot, standing in a very large field of about 4 square kilometers.

The farmer on the neighbour-field who ploughed his field did probably wonder about this strange tourists: Appearing from the middle of nowhere on a very hot day, staring into something like a mobile telephone but don't talk into it, then walking into the middle of the field, taking some pictures and disappear.

Funny people!

Afterwards we went into the very nice thermal bath of Zalaszentgrot, staying some hours in the wonderful hot water for recreation at 17°N03'22" and 46°N58'04".

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#1: View to south
#2: GPS showing 17E / 47N
#3: Stefan at the spot
#4: Anna at the spot
#5: The thermal bath of Zalaszentgrot
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