the Degree Confluence Project

Germany : Bayern

near Weißenburg i.B.-Heuberg, Bayern, Germany
Approx. altitude: 531 m (1742 ft)
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Antipode: 49°S 169°W

Quality: good

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#2: Looking down the road from the confluence #3: Toward the confluence #4: The Weissenberg Wilderness

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  49°N 11°E (visit #1) (secondary) 

#1: Hunting tower at the confluence

(visited by Dennis Collins and Kathryn Collins)

21-Mar-2001 -- After my first confluence at the "Leaning Weed" in Texas (N60 W96), it was time to do something a bit more exotic. So on a recent business trip to Frankfurt Germany I took some time off to attempt a confluence on the other side of the Greenwich meridian. My wife Kathryn and I traveled down the Autobahn (aka, the Supersonic Highway) to just south of Nurnberg. There, we got on to the smaller roads and followed the maps and GPS to Weissenburg (except the Germans spell the town with a funny character that I don't know how to make, instead of the double "s").

Following the GPS, we traveled up a winding highway that led into the forest. The map calls this "Weissenburger Wald". I'm not sure of my German, but I think that means "Weissnberg Wilderness". And it was.

At the closest approach from the highway, we showed only a few hundred meters away from N49-E11. The neat thing about Germany is that there are tiny roads literally everywhere, and we found one that led directly to the confluence.

The only problem was that the confluence area was in a depression with hills all around. Plus, it was heavily forested. Plus, there was snow in the trees. The result was that the GPS gave out and went on 2D location just about the time we got there. In addition to our trusty Garmin GPS III, we had borrowed a Garmin eMap to navigate around the cities (downloaded with maps, the eMap is truly an Urban Assault GPS. A necessity for downtown Frankfurt). But the eMap wouldn't acquire 3D any better.

So we went a bit down the road, to a small clearing, and got the GPS III to lock up in 3D and got a bearing back to the confluence. We think we got to the confluence, or at least within a few feet.

The confluence site has a rather well built hunting tower on it. These are all around Germany, and this one looked sturdy enough to live in. Just as long as you never needed to lie down.

Now, on to Munich. And later, on to confluence N48 - E9 at the edge of the Black Forest.

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#1: Hunting tower at the confluence
#2: Looking down the road from the confluence
#3: Toward the confluence
#4: The Weissenberg Wilderness
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