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United States : Utah

2.9 miles (4.8 km) NW of Elberta, Utah, UT, USA
Approx. altitude: 1540 m (5052 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 68°E

Quality: good

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  40°N 112°W (visit #2)  

#1: Panorama from the confluence

(visited by Terje Mathisen)

18-Mar-2001 -- This confluence is located in Utah, quite close to the town (Spanish Fork) where I lived for a year in 1991-92.

I flew in two days ago to attend Novell's BrainShare conference, and decided that I had time to make one or two confluence visits today (Sunday) before the conference starts on Monday.

Since this was a repeat visit, it was easy to find, I just followed the description from the first visit.

The opening in the fence along the Elberta Slant Road was exactly where they described it, so after following the dirt road for a few minutes, I just grabbed the gps and camera and started jogging through the sagebrush.

About 150m before the confluence point I met the expected barbed wire, but since this was just after 0700 on a Sunday, I didn't expect to meet any angry farmers, so I jumped over and found the exact spot.

When I got there, I noticed that a nice dirt road actually goes within 2-4 metres from the confluence, so it is quite possible that by making a small detour, you could drive a 4WD vehicle all the way to the spot.

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#1: Panorama from the confluence
#2: Rental car parking
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