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United States : Utah

2.9 miles (4.8 km) NW of Elberta, Utah, UT, USA
Approx. altitude: 1540 m (5052 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 68°E

Accuracy: 3 m (9 ft)
Quality: good

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  40°N 112°W (visit #5)  

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(visited by Shawn Fleming)

20-Aug-2005 -- It was time for another confluence adventure, this time successfully visiting confluences in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Montana.

This would be my 3rd visit along 112W today. Along the way from 39N-112W, I saw some llamas and lots of other interesting animals and scenery. I turned west off I-15 at the town of Mona and abeam the imposing monolith of Mt Nebo. I continued west on US-6 then made my way to the town of Elberta. There was some really tall corn here and the US Post Office is a converted mobile home. I turned north on UT-68 then northwest on Elberta Slant Road (labeled as 14600 South) just beyond the overgrown railroad tracks. I turned north on a power line road 2.13 miles form confluence. I had to pass through 2 gates: the first at the start of the power line road and, the second just south of a pipeline road going west that requires a high clearance vehicle. I was able to drive to within 15 feet of the confluence. I got out and after a relatively short confluence dance, easily zeroed out my GPS receivers.

Picture #1 looks north. Utah Lake is visible at the base of the mountains. Picture #2 looks east towards the Wasatch Range. Picture #3 looks south. Picture #4 looks west towards Pinyon Peak. Picture #5 shows my GPS position. Picture #6 shows the first gate at N39 58.525 W111 58.550 just off Elberta Slant Road. Picture #7 shows the second gate at N40 00.082 W111 58.846 (on the way back) with a farm and green trees in the distance. Picture #8 looks northeast showing my still relatively clean confluence vehicle (it gets really dirty as the adventure continues in a few more confluences).

Round trip time off US-6 from the small town of Elberta was almost exactly 1 hour with a distance of 10.8 miles.

Next stop: 39N-113W.

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