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Greenland : Vestgrønland/Kitaa

38.5 km (23.9 miles) WSW of Qullissat, Vestgrønland, Greenland
Approx. altitude: 423 m (1387 ft)
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Antipode: 70°S 126°E

Accuracy: 49.0 km (30.4 mi)
Quality: good

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#2: Steve in the Chartered Boat #3: Kangerluk #4: The Confluence Hunter Bothered with Mosquitoes #5: Fishermen's Camp

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  70°N 54°W (incomplete) 

#1: Hiking along the Coast of Disko Island

(visited by Rainer Mautz and Elionora)

12-Jul-2013 -- This is the last out of 6 reports of attempts to reach confluence points in Greenland. The story starts from 67°N 50°W. The previous confluence report is 67°N 54°W.

Disko Island is the largest island of Greenland. This confluence point is one out of two confluences located on the island – but both are in the remote north. The entry point to the island is from the southernmost point at Qeqertarsuaq, a town with 900 inhabitants. Roughly every other day, there is a ferry from Ilulissat or Aasiaat. Besides Qeqertarsuaq, there is only one more settlement on Disko Island, a little village named Kangerluk with about 45 people. This village is located in 50 km distance from the confluence point.

We had 6 days to spend on the island, actually enough time to visit one of the two confluence points. The other one, (70°N 53°W) can actually be visited within a day’s hike from the former mining town Qullissat. There are people living during summer and they travel from Saqqaq by boat.

However, this confluence can be reached by chartering a boat (ask for Steve in Qeqertarsuaq). He can bring you to the Nordfjord from where you need two days return on foot to the confluence point. Steve took us to Kangerluk and our plan was to hike back to Qeqertarsuaq within four days. We totally overestimated our speed on pathless terrain. Either we walked through deep soft ground thereby sinking in deeply with every step, or we found ourselves climbing on rocks or traversing streams or swamps. Two days into the hike, we had to turn back to Kangerluk, because we were just too slow. We would have needed roughly a week to get back to Qeqertarsuaq. In Kangerluk, local fishermen took us across the Disko Fjord, from where we managed to hike back to Qeqertarsuaq through the Blaesedalen valley.

For the last 3 remaining days spent in Greenland, we travelled to Nuuk. I was ready to visit an offshore confluence there, but the weather didn’t permit it. So, the story ends here.

CP Visit Details:

  • Distance to an asphalt road: 75 km (Qeqertarsuaq)
  • Distance to a track: 50 km (Kangerluk)
  • Minimal distance according to GPS: 49 km
  • Topography: mountainous
  • Given Name: The Remote Disko Confluence

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#1: Hiking along the Coast of Disko Island
#2: Steve in the Chartered Boat
#3: Kangerluk
#4: The Confluence Hunter Bothered with Mosquitoes
#5: Fishermen's Camp
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