the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Florida

2.7 miles (4.3 km) S of Winston, Polk, FL, USA
Approx. altitude: 43 m (141 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreeMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 28°S 98°E

Accuracy: 25 m (82 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: East view #3: South view #4: West view #5: GPS proof #6: Me at the well known fence

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  28°N 82°W (visit #15)  

#1: North view (there is the CP)

(visited by Alfredo B. Remon Mendez and Luz Stella de Remon)


01-May-2012 -- Viene de 31°N 97°W.

Ya de vacaciones en Orlando, pasando unas semanas con nuestro hijo, aprovecho visitar algunas confluencias en las cercanías. Para visitar esta salgo de Orlando por la interestatal 4 Oeste, hasta la población de Lakeland donde tomo la autopista 570 hacia el Este.

Después de unos 7km, salgo de la autopista y giro en un distribuidor tomando la rampa de acceso nuevamente hacia la dirección Oeste, donde estaciono el vehiculo para lograr el acercamiento mayor posible a la confluencia. Esta se encuentra ubicada en un terreno cercado a solo 30 mts de la rampa de acceso a la autopista 570 dirección Oeste.

Tomo las fotos requeridas y continuo hacia mi próximo objetivo del día, la 27°N 82°W.


01-May-2012 -- Comes from 31°N 97°W.

Already on vacation in Orlando, spending a few weeks with our son, I take to visit some confluences nearby. To visit this one, we leave Orlando by the Interstate 4 West up to the town of Lakeland, where I took the highway 570 eastward.

After about 7 km, leave the highway and turn again taking the access ramp in the direction West, where I parked the vehicle to achieve the possible closer approach to the confluence. This is located in a fenced area at only 30 mts from the access ramp to the highway 570 West direction.

I took photos required and continuing toward my today’s next goal, 27°N 82°W.

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#1: North view (there is the CP)
#2: East view
#3: South view
#4: West view
#5: GPS proof
#6: Me at the well known fence
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