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United States : Montana

5.4 miles (8.7 km) SSW of Craig, Lewis and Clark, MT, USA
Approx. altitude: 1056 m (3464 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 68°E

Accuracy: 2 m (6 ft)
Quality: good

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  47°N 112°W (visit #3)  

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(visited by Shawn Fleming)

27-Jun-2009 --

This was a planned confluence on a trip to Great Falls, MT. We were ahead of schedule coming from 44-112. We got off at the Wolf Creek Exit from I-15 then followed Craig Frontage Road until we crossed the Missouri River. There was a boat launch and parking area on the northeast side of the bridge. The river was full of fisherman in boats floating north. We had also passed a lot of vehicles pulling boats or jet skis.

We turned south onto Bear Tooth Road to the same pull out described by previous visitors. At the gate, I was only 200 meters from the confluence and was met by a bunch of bulls between me and where I wanted to go. I decided that it would probably be better if I used a different approach. So, with my wife driving, we continued a short distance south along the road and then I got out and climbed over a barbed wire fence and hiked down the hill to the confluence. My wife waited in the car on the edge of the road. The bulls took notice of me and fortunately, they did not seem to mind my presence in this part of their field.

I found the confluence in a grassy depression 75 meters east of the river. This point is downstream from the Holter Lake Dam and the current was fairly swift. The river was not visible from the confluence. There was a nice house on the other side of the river. What a neat place!

Picture 1 looks north, you can see the bulls in the distance. Picture 2 looks east. Picture 3 looks south. Picture 4 looks west. Picture 5 shows my GPS position. Picture 6 shows the bulls guarding the gate and my planned approach to the confluence.

It was a short hike back up to the car and then back to the Interstate. Total round trip time off I-15 at the Wolf Creek Exit was 40 minutes and 10.8 miles. Without the bulls and a stop by the bridge, it could have been much shorter.

Onward to 48-112.

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