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Finland : Länsi-Suomen lääni

2.0 km (1.2 miles) SSW of Parkano, Länsi-Suomen lääni, Finland
Approx. altitude: 141 m (462 ft)
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Antipode: 62°S 157°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  62°N 23°E (visit #4) (secondary) 

#1: The Confluence

(visited by David Williams)

05-Aug-2007 -- This is not the prettiest of confluences - there are some scrap cars nearby and the local industry is encroaching on the forest. Perhaps Parkano Steel OY could build a permanent monument at the confluence - like the one at 50N6E because their factory is only 50 meters from the confluence point

One more confluence to get today - with the latest GPS receivers it is all getting rather too easy


I did not plan to do it – things just got out of hand!

Eleven successful visits in a row - one for each line of latitude between North Cape and Helsinki

I did plan to visit 71°N 26°E and I did the necessary online research but that was going to be all as I had a ferry to catch in Helsinki. Then the next day, driving south, I noticed that I was passing close to 70N25E, visited this and then thought "I wonder how many confluences I can attempt 'blind' before I get an 'incomplete'?"

I could not have done it without my Garmin Nuvi – which seemed to have every dirt road and logging track in Finland within its database. In all I visited:

71N 26E 02AUG07
70N 25E 03AUG07
69N 27E 03AUG07
68N 27E 03AUG07
67N 26E 04AUG07
66N 25E 04AUG07
65N 26E 04AUG07
64N 24E 04AUG07
63N 23E 05AUG07
62N 23E 05AUG07
61N 25E 05AUG07

Unfortunately the Finnish 60N confluence family lies pretty much all at sea – and not having Captain Peter on call put an end to my unbroken sequence.


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