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1.2 km (0.7 miles) W of Sulzbach, Niederösterreich, Austria
Approx. altitude: 654 m (2145 ft)
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Antipode: 48°S 164°W

Accuracy: 7 m (22 ft)
Quality: good

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  48°N 16°E (visit #7)  

#1: Overview looking down

(visited by Karl Bryk, Christoph Ollmann, Arthur Henry Munkenbeck, Karl Siegl, Michael Schifter and Ibrahim Aburosa)

29-Oct-2006 -- This report documents the visit to 48N 16E by the Vindobona Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. The Vindobona Hash House Harriers, based in Vienna, Austria (Vindobona is the Roman name for the city of Vienna), is part of a world wide group of drinking clubs that meet regularly to run and as you have probably guessed drink. If you want to know more or would like to join, put "Vindobona Hash House Harriers" into your favourite search engine and you will find our homepage with information on where we are running (every week somewhere different) and what the Hash is about. Don't be fooled by the Hash in our name - if thats what you are after you will be disappointed.

This was to be VinEobona HHH run number 1258 (we have been doing this for nearly 25 years) and the plan was to set the run to the CP and back to where the cars were parked near the Tasshof bus stop. The scheduled start of the run was 14:30, so around 12:00 I and fellow Hare (hares being those who set the run) MT laid a trail using flour through the woods to the CP and back via Eberbach and Hof. The run duration was to be about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We got back from laying the trail at around 14:30 - perfect.

Unfortunately due to some incomplete (some would say incorrect) instructions on how to get to the starting point for the run the phone calls were coming in thick and fast from people lost miles from where they should have been. By the time they had arrived, the whining had stopped and the run started, it was already 15:00. It wasn't raining at this point but it didn't look good. Within seconds it had started to downpour but being used to running in awful conditions we carried on and were rewarded a few minutes later when it stopped raining. It stayed dry all the way to the CP, which we reached by following the marked trail about 40 minutes later (to cut a short story even shorter). We slid down to the CP (at one point a tree grabbed for support fell revealing a completely rotten base), sang a celebratory song (too rude to be printed here), and took the usual photographs. I have only added the real names of people to the list of visitors if they are already in the CP database or indicated that they would like to be added for possible future visits.

For the record here is the list of all visitors using their Hash names (another HHH feature): Matter Over Mind, Tick Pleaser, Marie Tamponette, Egon Pivo, Munk, Slush Puppy, Alice, XX RARK, Joy Stick, Lady Go Diver, Digitus Infamis, Beanman, Sex Energy, Saint Norman, King Ralph, No Mercy Mistress, Root Canal, Ice Queen, Free Willie, Moosehead, Pommes Mit Mayo, Saddlesore, Mind The Gap and the dogs Wilja and Mona. Thats 25 including the dogs which is not the highest number to reach a CP, but certainly the record for this one.

The run continued down through the woods and across the fields, with a final sprint in the rain (again) along the cycle path next to the railway line and back to the car park. The run was concluded with the traditional drinking of beer (down downs) for transgressions committed during the run, especially for those half-minds who at the end were still asking "What's a CP?". I think they all understood it in the end.

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