the Degree Confluence Project


9.3 km (5.8 miles) WSW of Rạch Giá, Kiến Giang, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 10°S 75°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: the GPS turns around #3: our effort in vain #4: east #5: west #6: south #7: north

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  10°N 105°E  

#1: view of the confluence

(visited by Sgh, Hoankiem and cotdien)

02-Mar-2006 -- After revisiting the Camau old confluence, we hurriedly get on our motorcycles to head for Rach Gia town - Kien Giang province. National Highway 1A from Nam Can to Ca Mau is still under construction. So it takes us 2 hours to cross just that 50 kilometers in a hot and sunny day. However, the imagination of tasting and drinking such a water-confluence lifts our spirit up so much.

We reach Rach Gia at late 4.30 PM that day. We all have thought that Rach Gia is just a small, boring and probably, a laid-back town. But contrary to our thoughts, it is a developing and bustling town. The street are crowded with lots of expensive scooters. Just as many newly-urbanized town in Vietnam, many high and colourful houses are built.

After checking in the hotel, we rush to the wharf to seek for a boat for the trip tomorrow morning. At first, we intend to get to the point on land which is nearest the confluence. Opting for that plan, we think we can save the time in the sea to the minimum. But sooner we find out that it is impossoble because there is no wharf at that point. There is only one solution now. We must start at the tourism wharf. It is 11 kilometers far from 10N 105E. We decide to hire a speed canoe at the price of 700.000 VND ( around $44 USD). It is estimated to take us 2 hours for the round trip.

At 7.30AM, 2 March 2006, we excitingly jump on the canoe. I remember hunting a land confluence. We must work hard to find out the best way to the target. Let see what we are doing now when "drinking" a water confluence. We relaxingly sit on the deck, indulge ourself, smell the salty ocean wind and watch the distance down. Around 30 minutes later, we are just 10 meters from 10N 105E. Things is no longer easy. We can not get all numbers zero. We tell the driver to turn right, turn left, go straight. The waves make the canoe turn around. And my Rino turns around too. All my efforts to zero all the numbers are in vain. Then I must accept that we can not reach perfection when shooting for a confluence in the ocean.

See you, my next confluence

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#1: view of the confluence
#2: the GPS turns around
#3: our effort in vain
#4: east
#5: west
#6: south
#7: north
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In the Vịnh Rạch Giá bay, about 7 km from land but with a view of land.