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4.1 km (2.5 miles) ESE of Ấp Thi Tường, Cà Mau, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 2 m (6 ft)
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Antipode: 9°S 75°W

Quality: good

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#2: east #3: west #4: south #5: north #6: 9N 105E

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  9°N 105°E (visit #3)  

#1: view of the confluence

(visited by Sgh and Hoankiem)

01-Mar-2006 -- The Mekong is one of the world’s major river. It is the 12th longest in the world and the 10th largest in volume. From Tibet, it runs through China’s Yunnan province, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Entering Vietnam, Mekong river is divided into 9 branches. That is also the destination of our trip: visiting these night-branches of Mekong river. On this route, we also run through the 2 confluences: once-visited 9N 105E in Ca Mau and unvisited water 10N 105E in Rạch Giá, Kiên Giang.

We approach 9N 105E on 1st March after 4 days driving our motorcycles off the beaten track of the Mekong delta. From the experience of the last trip to that point, instead of walking, we decide to rent a boat right after leaving our vehicle. My Rino shows that we are 2kms from the target. Probably, going by boat does not make the local administrators notice. We nearly meet difficulties upon reaching it.

Then we stop the boat and start walking on the small paths along the rice fields and small ponds. The scenery seems to stay the same since my visit last year. Then the most exciting moments of a confluence-hunting comes. We start countdown the distance meter by meter. Then 9N 105 is here, beside the coconut tree.

On the way back, me meet a boatman and he is willing to take us to the other side of the pond. He also tells us that there were a group of people visting that point last year. He and the other locals here are still confused of the purpose of these people. We just smile and think only God know why they are hungry for coming there.

My next confluence 10N 105E

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#1: view of the confluence
#2: east
#3: west
#4: south
#5: north
#6: 9N 105E
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