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1.9 km (1.2 miles) N of Plây Ku, Gia Lai, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 744 m (2440 ft)
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Antipode: 14°S 72°W

Quality: good

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#2: South #3: East #4: West #5: Gps Reading #6: The Couple #7: The Team #8: Champagne #9: At the confluence #10: Happy couple

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  14°N 108°E (visit #1)  

#1: North

(visited by hainguyentai , Mr Ky, Colieu, Pvnguyen, XLady, Ga Ru, Sgh, Blueserenade, BMT2004, Huy No, Duc ko, Hailua dichat and Lop truong)

03-Jul-2005 --

We received a double-invitation to visit the Central Highland of Vietnam. The first is to join HuyNo – the bridegroom and BMT2004 – the bride ’s wedding held in Ban Me Thuoc city, Daklak province. The second comes from 14N108E, located at Pleiku city, Gia Lai province. So we decided to combine these two invitations on the same journey.

In the cool and pure morning of the Highland, the wedding party is celebrated. At beautiful and scheduled time, 9.30 AM on 2nd July, HuyNo’s family eageringly gets on the red-soil-land to BMT2004 ’s house. Vietnam GPS Club joins as members of the bridegroom’s family with a little bit pride. As custom, the bridegroom’s family bring 3 trays, which consist of fruits, cake , betel and areca, as offerings to the bride’s family. In front of the ancestor altar, the bride and the bridegroom officially come into sight of all the relatives and friends. Everyone cheerfully toasts, some perform happy and beautiful songs, and, of course, wish happiness for the couple and especially wish they will soon have children who are jokingly called run-by-milk GPS

After the traditional celebration, the bridegroom and the bride together with us break the darkness on National Highway 14 to Pleiku, preparing for 14N108E-trip tomorrow morning. We enjoy the mountainous atmosphere enormously. It is foggy, cool and quiet in the early morning. We all feel refreshing and absolutely exciting for celebrating a party wedding at such a confluence. Both ladies and gentleman get dressed beautifully for the wedding, ladies with traditional long skirt, gentleman with formal veston and shiningly polished shoes.

14N108E is an extremely easy confluence we have experienced. It is 3 kms far from the downtown of Pleiku. Armed with four Rinos, one Magellan, one Fortuna and one Gecko, we jump to our coach, just follow the GPS receiver, go and go, talk and talk, laugh and laugh. Around half an hour later, the coach stops at a position 6 mts far from the target. We take some gentle steps and soon get all the numbers on GPS receiver zeroed. 14N108E is in the garden of a local’s house. At 8.45 AM on 3rd July, 2005, we are right here at the confluence. It is unimaginably easy that some of us can not think they have conquered a confluence.

The bride, hand in hand, with the bridegroom stand on the confluence smiling happlily, heading toward the bright future. We celebrate a small and warm party here. Champagne is opened to cheer with happiness of the nice couple. Sprays are pushed out to release snow and confetti. Everyone enthusiastically take pictures with Huy No and BMT2004 at the confluence. We are all flooded in champagne and happiness. Some wonder themselves whether they will be lucky to celebrate their wedding at a confluence so warmly like that.

That is the story for the 14N108E – A Wedding Confluence. See you, the next confluence.

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