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new stories from China [31-Jul-10]
E et al. again spent some time in China's mountains visiting 8 unvisited confluences. Start here.

corpus christi road trip [17-Jul-10]
Florian Schindler made good use of the recent public holiday, a 9 point road trip, starting with 49N-07E and finishing 8 points later with 49N-01W.

new south wales is complete [27-Apr-10]
On a recent family holiday, Peter Schultz made a succesful visit to 32S-142E. This completes the state of New South Wales

sierra leone is country 182 [23-Apr-10]
After remaining a "white spot" for a long time, Sierra Leone received two independent confluence visits within six months, see 8N 12W and 9N 12W.

50N: halfway across Canada [16-Feb-10]
An interesting visit to 50N 116W, the last unvisited confluence along 50 degrees North in British Columbia, has completed a line of confluence visits half way across Canada. From 50N 127W on the west coast of Vancouver Island to 50N 91W in Ontario is just over 2500 kilometers. Google Maps suggests you can drive 3300KM from 50N 127W to 50N 91W in less than 2 days. From 50N 91W there is over 2400KM to the most easterly land-based 50N confluence in Canada, 50N 57W.

risky confluence [12-Feb-10]
Rainer Mautz has faced a dangerous situation when he was confluencing in Central America. Adventure begins at 19N 98W

confluencing around parallel 48s [31-Jan-10]
Sergio Zerega and his team have completed a sequence of 12 confluences, 11 of them unvisited so far, mostly on parallel 48S. The quest begins at 45S 69W

rare photos recovered! [03-Dec-09]
On his big bicycle trip to China/Central Asia in 2006 Rainer Mautz experienced a memory card failure. Recently he was able to recover the photos for: 45N 81E, 45N 82E, 46N 81E, 46N 80E, 43N 77E.

mini tour of england & wales [01-Nov-09]
Husband & wife confluence hunters from Canada Alan and Carolyn Fox came over on holiday to visit relatives. While here it all started with 52N-01W.

circling a continent [20-Oct-09]
Going from Abuja, Nigeria to Abuja, Nigeria shouldn't mean a large trip, one would think. However, it took Helmut Resch and Babs Coleman 19 1/2 months to do this trip while circling the entire African continent. On route, they could not forbear from visiting 83 Confluences. It all started on 28 January 2008 at 11N 5E.

rainer mautz completes another country [17-Oct-09]
A visit to 46N-07E, sees Europe's highest confluence reconquered, and completes Switzerland for Rainer Mautz.

500 confluences in russia [09-Oct-09]
Milepost is adventurous visit to 61N 46E, twelve-hour seventy-km journey along and around high-pressure gas pipeline.

first successful visit in guyana [29-Sep-09]
Rainer Mautz has just completed a sequence of 6 confluence visits/attempts during his trip to Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. He has achieved the first successful visit in Guyana and the 300th confluence visit milestone in Brazil. Adventure begins at 10N 65W

4 days from the nearest road [22-Jul-09]
As part of a two month expedition, Michael Olsen made two first time visits - 20S-124E and 20S-123E - in the Great Sandy Desert of Western Australia.

new china set [13-Jul-09]
E et al completed another set of confluences in a rarely visited area of China. It all starts here.

150th visit [31-May-09]
An international visit to the highest point in Wales saw Gordon Spence reach this milestone. The quest was completed with Poland's leading confluencer Wojciech Czombik.

benin is complete [27-May-09]
A visit of Jim Rybarski to 10N 2E completed the nine Confluences of West African state Benin.

2058 days between visits [14-May-09]
Henk Pouwels made his first visit to 48N-02W on 15th September 2003. Comparing the photos from a follow up visit on 4th May 2009 shows how things progress.

100 visits [14-May-09]
Earlier this year Wojciech Czombik completed his quest to reach the milestone of 100 visits. Starting at 51N-11E and culminating at visit 100.

stuck in the middle of nowhere [12-May-09]
Ross Finlayson had a scary trip to 40°N 116°W in Nevada when he got stuck in soft mud in a not-quite-dry lake bed, very far from civilization.

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