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United States : Kentucky

5.0 miles (8.0 km) SW of Mt. Sterling, Montgomery, KY, USA
Approx. altitude: 303 m (994 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 96°E

Quality: good

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#2: GPS on the spot.. #3: View East. #4: Self portrait, no tripod. #5: Garmin at 38N 84W.

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  38°N 84°W (visit #1)  

#1: View North, uphill.

(visited by Paul Morency)

24-Apr-2001 -- I live in Winchester, MA and I am working in Winchester, KY. On one of my weekly flights from Boston to Kentucky I brought the GPS that is usually on my boat in order to see if I could measure the flight speed of the Boeing 757, (you can). I didn't know of CONFLUENCE.ORG at the time. Surfing the web in my hotel one night I discovered CONFLUENCE.ORG and was fascinated.

Much to my surprise, the next morning when I tried my GPS at my hotel in Lexington, KY I discovered that 38N 84W was only about 27 miles to the east. This was to be only about 8 miles from where I was working.

I verified that the site has not been recorded and I decided to scout the area in order to determine the scope of the task at hand. I only came to Kentucky with business clothes and wasn't outfitted to cross the wilds to get to the "Holy Grail".

I fully expected to have to come back better equipped and with some locals to witness and protect me from the natives. With the advise of co-workers on which roads to take and traveling alone I headed east out of Winchester, KY and was able to come within .57 miles of 38N 84W on paved roads.

I noticed nearby a long well kept drive leading in the general direction of my goal so I ventured up it until I came to the home and kennel of Sue and Andy Morrison. I explained my mission to Mrs. Morrison and told her that I thought I could see the area on the next hill of their property. She told me to go right ahead.

At this point the GPS, a Garmin 12XL with position averaging showed .37 miles to the destination. Well this was the longest .37 miles I ever walked. The target was not the next hill but 2 hills away, across two more different owners properties and a small creek. The other properties were quite large with no homes or buildings apparent, so I crossed over two fences without asking permission. I was now within .02 mile and in the middle of the creek. I now had only to climb the hill and monitor the GPS for direction. Three quarters of the way up the hill I hit ground zero. I had no witnesses; after all I only came to scout out the job at hand.

I had my camera in the rental car because I have been photographing old Kentucky barns. I took the requisite pictures in both black and white and in color. I was quite pleased with myself at my accomplishment. From someone who lived for the better part of three years on a boat and made countless waypoints in the course of all that travel, a fix was just a fix. Having located this confluence provides an unexpected pleasure and satisfaction that is hard to explain.

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#1: View North, uphill.
#2: GPS on the spot..
#3: View East.
#4: Self portrait, no tripod.
#5: Garmin at 38N 84W.
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This confluence is located on private property. We have received a note from the property owner indicating that he is not interested in future visits. Because of this, we will not be accepting any visits to this confluence without proof of legal access. Remember, if a confluence is on posted land, obtain permission and don't trespass!