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Italy : Sardegna

4.0 km (2.5 miles) SSE of Ortueri, Nuoro, Sardegna, Italy
Approx. altitude: 386 m (1266 ft)
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Antipode: 40°S 171°W

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
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  40°N 9°E (visit #4)  

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(visited by Phil Sharpe, Ray & Val Sharpe, Dawn Sharpe and Sophie Sharpe)

12-Oct-2011 -- Since our last Confluence Point Dawn & I have become responsible adults & are now currently owners of a very inquisitive 14 month old baby!! This was the first time the new Sharpe Family was to leave British Shores!! A Holiday to Cala Gonone on the East Coast of Sardinia was our first trip overseas with Granny & Grandpa in tow to assist!

With the age range of our Holiday party spanning 1 to 76 years old I thought a Confluence Point would be the perfect half day excursion. With a little research on Google Earth & reading the other narratives before going on hols I had a good idea of where I was going & could get the car to within 50m of the CP and could walk the short distance without having to get my feet wet.

The road to the CP is just outside of Ortueri. A right turn into a small industrial estate and almost immediate left by a Stone Merchants. This single track road then continues south for a couple of kilometers. We parked the car just pass a small bridge over a stream. A good reference point to the site is a large open concrete water trough just before the bridge.

We parked the car and walked the short distance to the Confluence Point. All the trees here have Cork bark and there is evidence of where it has been harvested. We found the point quickly and surprisingly got the all zero's very easily without the normal shuffling left, right, backwards and forwards! After all the photo's were taken we had a quick look around the area and found that the large concrete water trough nearby had three goldfish living in it. Its amazing what you find when you go looking for CP's!!

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#6: My Mum, Dad and Dawn at the CP.
#7: The large water trough complete with Goldfish!!
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