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47°N 93°E preview image47°N 93°E
15.9 km (9.9 miles) SE of Altanteel, Hovd, Mongolia
47°N 94°E preview image47°N 94°E
13.8 km (8.6 miles) ENE of Bayan Gol, Hovd, Mongolia
46°N 98°E preview image46°N 98°E
12.9 km (8.0 miles) ESE of Üneen-Us, GovÄ­-Altay, Mongolia
46°N 99°E preview image46°N 99°E
14.0 km (8.7 miles) WSW of Taryaanii Jisa, Bayanhongor, Mongolia
46°N 100°E preview image46°N 100°E
39.2 km (24.3 miles) ESE of Dzadgay, Bayanhongor, Mongolia
46°N 101°E preview image46°N 101°E
15.9 km (9.9 miles) SE of Ulaan-Uul, Bayanhongor, Mongolia
46°N 102°E preview image46°N 102°E
6.8 km (4.2 miles) NW of Mardzad, Övörhangay, Mongolia
47°N 105°E preview image47°N 105°E
9.6 km (6.0 miles) NNW of Töhömiin Süme, Töv, Mongolia
47°N 108°E preview image47°N 108°E
2.2 km (1.4 miles) NE of Ögöömör, Töv, Mongolia
48°N 113°E preview image48°N 113°E
10.0 km (6.2 miles) NNE of Bayan, Dornod, Mongolia
47°N 117°E preview image47°N 117°E
34.6 km (21.5 miles) SW of Tamsagiin Hiid, Dornod, Mongolia
47°N 116°E preview image47°N 116°E
19.0 km (11.8 miles) E of Teegiin Süme, Dornod, Mongolia
48°N 115°E preview image48°N 115°E
21.0 km (13.0 miles) NNW of Under, Dornod, Mongolia
48°N 114°E preview image48°N 114°E
5.0 km (3.1 miles) E of Öndörhushuu, Dornod, Mongolia
50°N 94°E preview image50°N 94°E
19.1 km (11.9 miles) NE of Dzel, Uvs, Mongolia
50°N 93°E preview image50°N 93°E
8.6 km (5.3 miles) ESE of Tsahildagiin Örtöö, Uvs, Mongolia
49°N 92°E preview image49°N 92°E
4.4 km (2.7 miles) SSW of Har-Us, Uvs, Mongolia
[incomplete] [secondary] [25-Aug-04]
50°N 92°E preview image50°N 92°E
2.4 km (1.5 miles) W of ChandmanÄ­, Uvs, Mongolia
[secondary] [24-Aug-04]
48°N 109°E preview image48°N 109°E
5.3 km (3.3 miles) SW of Dayaantayn Hural, Hentiy, Mongolia
49°N 103°E preview image49°N 103°E
14.9 km (9.3 miles) S of Selenge Suma, Bulgan, Mongolia
49°N 105°E preview image49°N 105°E
3.7 km (2.3 miles) E of Tsagaan Tohoy Dugang, Selenge, Mongolia
47°N 103°E preview image47°N 103°E
6.7 km (4.2 miles) SE of Shanh, Övörhangay, Mongolia
48°N 105°E preview image48°N 105°E
5.3 km (3.3 miles) NW of Ulaan Tologoy Hural, Töv, Mongolia
49°N 106°E preview image49°N 106°E
7.1 km (4.4 miles) WNW of Irhitay, Selenge, Mongolia
50°N 106°E preview image50°N 106°E
11.4 km (7.1 miles) SE of Jargalant, Selenge, Mongolia
50°N 105°E preview image50°N 105°E
12.5 km (7.8 miles) NW of Nomon Haan Lamaiin Hiid, Selenge, Mongolia
49°N 104°E preview image49°N 104°E
7.1 km (4.4 miles) WSW of Erdenet, Bulgan, Mongolia
[secondary] [11-May-04]