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Morrison, Scott
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30°N 29°E preview image30°N 29°E
87.7 km (54.5 miles) S of al-Qasaba al-Šarqiyya, Matrūh, Egypt
26°N 33°E preview image26°N 33°E
13.8 km (8.6 miles) ESE of Naj` al-Burj (Qinā), al-Bahr al-Ahmar, Egypt
28°N 30°E preview image28°N 30°E
67.4 km (41.9 miles) WSW of Baniy Samraj, al-Minyā, Egypt
30°N 30°E preview image30°N 30°E
53.7 km (33.3 miles) SW of `Izbat Kafr Dāwūd, al-Buhayra, Egypt
29°N 32°E preview image29°N 32°E
65.2 km (40.5 miles) W of al-Za`farāna (al-Bahr al-Ahmar), al-Suways, Egypt
30°N 26°E preview image30°N 26°E
64.4 km (40.0 miles) NW of Qāra, Matrūh, Egypt
29°N 34°E preview image29°N 34°E
63.4 km (39.4 miles) W of Nuwayba`, Janūb Sīnā', Egypt
[incomplete] [24-Apr-04]
30°N 31°E preview image30°N 31°E
10.3 km (6.4 miles) WSW of Abū Rawwāš, al-Jīza, Egypt