the Degree Confluence Project

Canada : Yukon

4.2 km (2.6 miles) NNW of Gold Bottom, YT, Canada
Approx. altitude: 551 m (1807 ft)
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Antipode: 64°S 41°E

Quality: good

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  64°N 139°W (visit #1) (secondary) 

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(visited by Brian Langevin and Chris Boland)

12-Aug-2004 -- I found the Confluence Project site while researching information on handheld GPS units. Interested in "bagging" one of the sites, like most, I began researching my immediate area using a 1:500,000 aviation map. Although our first conquest is not a primary confluence, we are still pleased that we have started "knocking off" our intended confluences.

I mentioned the project to a co-worker, his interest was sparked. Having the benefit of traveling the Yukon with an aircraft aided us in our ability to access the site. We chose our confluence based on our location at the time.

We departed from the Dawson City airport, via vehicle, following the North Klondike Hwy northwest to the junction of the Hunker Creek road. Traveling approximately 4 miles east/southeast along the Hunker Creek road brought us to the closest point to the confluence. Our aerial assessment of the region was confirmed from the ground, we would have about a 1.2 mile hike upslope through a mixed northern boreal forest. The elevation at the start of our hike was 1464 feet ASL.

The hike in was started at 20:20 PDT. We walked upslope staying along the highest ridge, it was our intent that once parallel to the location that we would drop downslope into the drainage to reach the confluence. Fifty minutes of bush whacking and we were within 5 meters of the confluence. We slowly moved closer to the exact point, and after about 10 minutes were able to get the GPS to read N64.00.000 and W139.00.000. Elevation 1830 feet ASL.

Our route out, via a small drainage back to Hunker Creek, allowed us to stumble upon some old gold rush artifacts. Who knows, perhaps more than 100 years ago, during the Klondike Gold Rush in '98 some young miner had, unknowingly, stood at the very same confluence that Chris and I had just visited. The trip out was also made interesting in the fact that Chris plunged his foot into some very fresh bear scat, fresh to the point where we felt it was probably from earlier in the day!!

Stay tuned for our second "confluence bagging".

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