the Degree Confluence Project


4.1 km (2.5 miles) NNW of Xã Mường Mán, Bình Thuận, Vietnam
Approx. altitude: 31 m (101 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 11°S 72°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: North view #3: South view #4: East view #5: West view #6: The team, two others are holding cameras #7: Right on the point

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  11°N 108°E (visit #1)  

#1: The overview

(visited by Viet Nam, Blueserenade, Le Trach Giang, Yen Dieu , Le Hai Nam, Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, Do Ho Thien Cuc, Do Quoc Hoi, Tran Huu Nam, Nguyen Tai Hai, Nguyen Hoan Tuan, Anton Tran, Tran Quoc Khanh, Le Thuc Thuan, Ga Ru, Minh Ly, Le Ngoc My, Le Lan Anh, Do thi Thuy Hang and Huy No)

10-Jul-2004 -- The Confluence Project is getting more and more popular in Vietnam, home of 35 primary confluences. Early this year, one of the most popular local newspapers published an article about the project, an online copy of this article in Vietnamese can be found at http://www.tuoitre.com.vn/Tianyon/Index.aspx?ArticleID=3811&ChannelID=17 . I posted a topic on one of the busiest forums in Vietnam at http://www.ttvnol.com/f_233/310432.ttvn trying to get some attentions and curiosities for a visit to the 11N 108E. The number of responses is enormous after Madam Toet, a tour agent, interested in the trip and got involved. She organized a trip for 16 people not just visit the confluence but also visit Mui Ne, an Eden with beautiful resorts and marvelous beaches.

We left Sai Gon at 5:30 PM and introduced each other along the journey, on a bus in the darkness. Sometimes, the headlights of opposite vehicles helped us to see each other. Jokes were told and we laughed happily, very shortly we arrived Phan Thiet, a small town, at 11:00 PM. We checked in a hotel and some went to sleep, others decided to explore the town and have some drinks.

In the morning, everyone was downstairs, waiting impatiently for the go. We met with two local land survey officers and they wanted to join with their gear. Our bus headed toward the confluence aggressively. About 3 km from the confluence, few workers were doing some roadwork and our driver refused to cross the sharp edge stones, worrying that they would cut the rubber and we may ended up with flat tires.

Some reluctant to walk and tried to convince him but failed. We left the bus behind and started walking on a mud road. After sometime, some started regretting for joining the trip, as the sun was so strong burning the skin and drying the throats. My GPS told me to look for a right turn toward the north where farms are fenced. We stopped for a discussion. I have a Magellan Meridian and a paper map, lytoet12 has a pocket PC that runs OziExplore with the same map calibrated. The combination worked quite well, I gave lytoet12 the coordinate and he made it displayed on the map so we knew where we were. The only thing we did not know and agree is how to get there, that created some other confusions and regrets. Finally, lytoet12 took a motorbike taxi to pioneer and explore the terrain to prove he is right. And he was right, he found a spring corresponds to the map. We walked across dragon fruit farms. Dragon fruits are grown here and farmers fix light bulbs everywhere in their farms to urge the plants produce more fruits. And then the wild land appeared that covered by grasses and small bushes with sharp thorns. We soon started counting down from a hundred meter. Everyone excited and tried to be the first one who stand on the confluence.

With 20 people visit a confluence for the first time, this can be a record we have achieved together.

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#1: The overview
#2: North view
#3: South view
#4: East view
#5: West view
#6: The team, two others are holding cameras
#7: Right on the point
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