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6.8 km (4.2 miles) E of Hannebauer, Steiermark, Austria
Approx. altitude: 1600 m (5249 ft)
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Antipode: 47°S 166°W

Accuracy: 4 m (13 ft)
Quality: good

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  47°N 14°E (visit #3)  

#1: CP From road

(visited by Karl Bryk and Andrea Bryk)

27-Jun-2004 -- As we were planning to visit my son who was on a school trip in south Austria I decided to take the opportunity to visit CP N47 E14 and N47 E15. Andrea would accompany me on her first CP visit.

We left Salzburg early Sunday morning and driving on the Tauernautobahn, then via Tamsweg arrived at small town of Stadl a.d. Mur.

There we turned south following the road that runs parallel to the Paalbach river/stream (depending on your point of view). We were looking for the private road mentioned in previous visitors reports and passed various areas signposted as military no-go areas. Shortly after the village of Kaltwasser (cold water - the Paalbach looked it too!) we saw a forest road (Forststrasse) to the right but carried on in case there was something better. There wasn't. So we returned to the Forststrasse (incase it helps subsequent visitors this point was at N47:00'36.5", E14:00'33.8, at and indicated altitude of 1217 metres). Distance to the CP was approx. 1.4 km.

So we parked (there was a barrier) and started walking. After about 100-200 metres we passed 2 buildings, one obviously a family house, and then shortly afterwards a road junction. What to do? - turn left or go straight. Straight seemed to head away from the CP so we turned left and as we walked got closer and closer to the CP. At 800 metres we started to get further away. After some exploration where it became obvious nothing was going to take us closer we headed back to the 800 metre point and headed into the trees and up. This we did, crossing 2 forest roads on the way until we reached a 3rd forest road a few metres from the CP. The height was now 1620 metres.

So finally we were there. We recognised the CP from previous visitors pictures. Then followed the usual business of taking photos and we subsequently left but this time not down through the trees but along the road. This was presumably the route taken by the previous visitors.

On the way down we came across some tree-felling activity (see photos) with the whole road blocked so (at the moment at least) even if you ask nicely you won't be able to take the lazy way up.

We finally emerged back at the main road, not at our car but 200 metres further back along the road, after skirting along side a military no-go area (see photo) and having a conversation with what was presumably a military guard dog (there were signs stating that guard dogs roam loose in the military area - luckily they are fenced in - as was this one).

So now to N47 E15 - but it was not to be. We had to be at Turnersee south of Voelkermarkt at 14:00 and the plan was to drive back to Stadl a.d. Mur, head east and then south-east from Zeltweg. But it was going to be tight. Shortly before we got to Murau the road was blocked by the police because an Ooooompah band was marching along the main road. Unfortunately it was not just one but many and we would have to wait at least half and hour. The only alternative route was back past the CP which we had left exactly half an hour earlier. We tried but it became obvious we had no hope of making it in time so we had a gentle drive to Turnersee passing past the castle Hochosterwitz east of St Veit a.d. Glan, a most impressive sight (see photos). N47 E15 will have to wait.

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