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France : Bretagne

3.1 km (1.9 miles) NE of Maxent, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
Approx. altitude: 100 m (328 ft)
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Antipode: 48°S 178°E

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  48°N 2°W (visit #3)  

#1: Confluence Point Looking South

(visited by Colin Lowe)

16-Mar-2004 -- I decided to visit this CP from my home by using the local small roads, although a few kilometres longer than the direct route it allowed me to pass through parts of the region which I would not normally see.

Leaving the Forêt Du Gâvre in the Loire Atlantique region I followed the D15/D59 to Pipriac and then the D65 to Maxent.

My drive was very nice and quiet, with little or no traffic to interfere with the enjoyment of my trip. My route took me through the valley of the River Vilaine and past the Megalith area which consists of large stones set vertically in circles.

From Maxent the D63 passes within 1½ kilometres of the CP. I turned off this road onto the D238, which is narrow and well surfaced, after about a kilometre at a point N48, 00.158 W002, 00.257 Altitude 113m a gravel track leads off to the right and my GPS gave every indication that this track lead somewhere near the CP . Previous visits indicated that this track was muddy; however it has now been surfaced with loose gravel and is quite passable.

I drove down this track to N48, 00.016 W001,59.900 Altitude 105m and parked on the roadside making sure that I left enough room for any other passing vehicles, tractors and the like.

I found that I had parked within 150m of the CP. The field containing the CP appeared to be lying fallow with no fencing so access was easy. The cows mentioned by previous visitors were quietly grazing a couple of fields away so for my visit they did not pose any problem. I did not see any of the local inhabitants so I assumed that if I kept to the edge of the field I would be OK.

The CP proved to be on a wet grassy area and about 5m from the edge of one of many ponds in the area. Neither the pond nor adjacent bramble patch caused any difficulties in locating the CP.

I marked the CP with my stick, and my GPS showed an Altitude of 96m with an accuracy of 5m. In order to satisfy myself that all was well I returned to the gravel track and re-set my GPS for a second marking of the CP. This second reading placed the CP approximately at my original position with all other reading the same, confirming that I was within the required tolerance to record the point as my estimation of the CP.

I took a series of photographs from the CP facing the cardinal compass points and returned to my car satisfied that I had carried out a successful visit.

The day was our first of the year with a temperature exceeding 20°C very sunny and cloudless. An ideal day for visiting the countryside, there was plenty of wild life about and also the hedges just coming into blossom.

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