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13.0 km (8.1 miles) WNW of Ákra Glaréntza (Cape), Dytikí Elláda, Greece
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 159°W

Quality: more pictures needed

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#2: Annotated map #3: Annotated photo

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  38°N 21°E (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: General view of Confluence area

(visited by S. Tsagris)

01-Feb-2004 -- On February 1, 2004 I took off with Delta Airlines flight No 132 from JFK (local time 18:00) to Athens, Greece. The flight duration was 9 hours 10 minutes, and arrival time at Athens Airport was 10:30 local time (of next day, Feb 2).

The plane took the “south” way, which means after crossing the Atlantic it flew over Portugal, Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, Kefallonia island, Peloponese, and finally Athens.

It was about 09:45 (Greek time) when the plane flew over Kefallonia island. Sitting on the right side of the cabin, I saw some scenes which I thought it was worth to photograph, as I am familiar with them on the ground.

So I shot some pictures of Zakynthos island, and others (which have nothing to do with confluences).

Just yesterday a friend informed me about your site. I thought of my pictures.

I extracted from Mapquest the relevant maps, jointed them together, drew some lines, and here is the result.

Pic 1 is a medium resolution photo shot from the plane, direction SW. Altitude approx 27.000 feet.

Pic 2 is the same as above but with comments and lines added on the map. You can see that the star (pinpointing confluence 38N 21E) is approx 1 km north of the middle of the line connecting Kefallonia island south cape, and Killini cape.

Pic 3 is a part of Pic 1, with the same lines drawn on the photo as on the map.

Taking the middle of the line connecting Kefallonia island south cape, and Killini cape (on the photo), one can approximately locate confluence 38N 21E. It has to be in the small bold yellow circle.

However, your description states this confluence is about “13 km from land”.

I consider the distance shown in the photo between the bold yellow circle and the land of Peloponese (lower part of the photo) smaller than this 13 km. A possible error might have interfered with all this. So I drew the second, larger and not bold circle.

If confluence 38N 21E is not in the small bold circle, it definitely is in the larger circle.

Coordinator's Note: This visit is incomplete, but gives some guidance to future visitors.

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#1: General view of Confluence area
#2: Annotated map
#3: Annotated photo
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In the sea, but with views of land all around.