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0.9 km (0.6 miles) SE of Rovoliárion, Stereá Elláda, Greece
Approx. altitude: 652 m (2139 ft)
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Antipode: 39°S 158°W

Accuracy: 89 m (291 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Close, but not quite #3: View of Conf General Location #4: To the East #5: To the South #6: To the West

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  39°N 22°E (visit #2)  

#1: To the North

(visited by A.D. P.)

29-Sep-2003 -- On September 29 we headed to confluence point N39 E22. We turned off the main road from Lamia to Karpenisi, and headed up a mountain road which at first looked narrow but soon opened up to a two lane asphalt road – parts of which had recently been paved. Signage was good and we soon found ourselves nearing the confluence point. The road to Rovoliari passes within 90m of the confluence so it is a very easy point to reach using the 100m confluence criteria. The point is also unofficially marked by a small “church box” on the side of the road. We parked our car in a safe location and snapped several photos of the area and our GPS readings.

Further up the road is the village of Rovoliari. While there is little to do in the town it does offer some rather picturesque views along with several examples of Greek village architecture. I think that we must have gone late in the season as the only tavern in the village appeared to be closed for the season. We did meet one gentleman transporting supplies via donkey, and had to navigate the usual herds of 100+ goats crossing Greek mountain roads. On our descent I had to stop our car and get out to convince three dogs napping in the middle of the road to move so that we could pass – while they were cooperative it became clear to me that there can not be much traffic on the road to Rovoliari.

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#1: To the North
#2: Close, but not quite
#3: View of Conf General Location
#4: To the East
#5: To the South
#6: To the West
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