the Degree Confluence Project

Sri Lanka

4.1 km (2.5 miles) WNW of Panawala, Western, Sri Lanka
Approx. altitude: 28 m (91 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreeMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 7°S 100°W

Accuracy: 500 m (546 yd)
Quality: good

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#2: Best Available Map #3: Nearest Road Access #4: Footpath From Road #5: Paddy Field To North Of Confluence #6: Bemused Driver

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  7°N 80°E (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: Looking Southwest Toward the Confluence

(visited by David Williams)

24-Nov-2002 -- Owing to total GPS failure* the previous day I was unable to locate the confluence to the required degree of accuracy. As the confluence is only about half an hours drive from the international airport at Negombo and I was flying home later that evening I decided to get as close as I could and scout around, taking photos and collecting information to assist future visitors. The best map I could find was a road map covering the entire island of Sri Lanka (photo #2). using this we located the nearest road access point (photo #3) about 1km East of the confluence. There is a building site here and a small path that leads towards the confluence (photo #4), mostly through folks back yards - everyone seemed somewhat surprised at my presence and bemused by my attempts at explanation. The higher ground is forested with a scattering of private houses and fruit orchards, mostly unfenced and the low lying ground is given over to rice cultivation. By use of compass and pacing I got to within about 500m of where we had determined the confluence to be located and took photo #1. Speaking with local farmers it appears that the route further west crosses paddy fields and will certainly cross private land which may be fenced off for 'development'. If the route is blocked from the east then it would be worth driving a little further north along the road and walking in along the edge of the paddy field (photo #5) or trying from the road to the west. All the above depends on the accuracy of the longitude and latitude marks on what was essentially a motoring map - it is possible I could have been miles out!

As this confluence is so close to the only international airport on the island I think a visit will only require a detour of a few km and a couple of hours for anyone visiting the island from overseas. I can recommend Aitken Spence Travels Ltd. who looked after me for my trip to Sri Lanka - ask for Walter Molagoda who was my guide and now knows all about the Degree Confluence Project (Photo #6)!

* Failure of moisture seal - Unit since replaced free of charge and without any fuss by the manufacturer even though it was some months out of warranty.

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#1: Looking Southwest Toward the Confluence
#2: Best Available Map
#3: Nearest Road Access
#4: Footpath From Road
#5: Paddy Field To North Of Confluence
#6: Bemused Driver
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