the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Tennessee

2.1 miles (3.4 km) SE of Apison, Hamilton, TN, USA
Approx. altitude: 291 m (954 ft)
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Antipode: 35°S 95°E

Quality: good

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#2: Close up of target #3: Long look from South to North #4: Abrams Falls #5: GPS

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  35°N 85°W (visit #1)  

#1: Road to Target

(visited by Roger Rockwell)

11-Oct-2000 -- Mary Jo and I wanted to get away for the long weekend and Tennessee seemed like a good place to go. We had never been to Cades Cove. For those who don't know, Cades Cove is located on the west side of the Smoky Mountains south and west of Gatlinburg. We had missed the peak of the leaves by a couple of weeks but this also meant we missed the hoards of people. We did get to see plenty of deer and one big black bear. I was energetic enough to hike the 5 miles round trip to Abrams Falls. I was not sorry. It was a magnificent sight.

I had planned to seek out 35N 85W on the way up but it got dark by the time we got to Chattanooga. According to the map the target was only about 8 miles East of I75 with some "gray" roads on three sides. Traveling south on I75 we exited on Hwy 11 then took 321 to 317 about 1.7 miles from Apison is Howardsville Rd. This is a fine little paved road and gets you to within 511 feet of the target. The target is actually on the north end of a large fenced pasture. The house that goes along with this pasture can be reached off of Red Clay Rd. There is a gravel driveway that gets you to spitting distance of the target. I walked down this drive and then slipped through the fence to get to the target.

Photo 1 is a looking down this drive with the target to the left.
Photo 2 is a closer look of the target.
Photo 3 is a long look South looking North from Red Clay Rd.
Photo 4 Abrams Falls
Photo 5 is the GPS

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#1: Road to Target
#2: Close up of target
#3: Long look from South to North
#4: Abrams Falls
#5: GPS
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