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United States : Mississippi

3.3 miles (5.3 km) E of Charleston, Tallahatchie, MS, USA
Approx. altitude: 62 m (203 ft)
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Antipode: 34°S 90°E

Quality: good

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#2: East and West Views #3: Home of Scissors the Hog #4: The Spot #5: Danny Strickland and John Ball Burnett, Jr.

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  34°N 90°W (visit #1)  

#1: North and South Views

(visited by Danny Strickland)

19-Feb-2001 -- This is my third confluence of the day. I left the last one near Grace, Mississippi and headed up through the Mississippi Delta to the next one near Charleston. What I noticed most as I drove through the Delta was how flat everything is. The only hills you see are man-made levees to keep the flood waters at bay. There's not much to see in the Delta other than cotton fields, soybean fields, and catfish ponds. This time of the year the fields were freshly plowed and muddy from the last rain.

The flatness came to an end abruptly as a huge bluff appeared in front of me in the distance. The road builders decided to go around it and I can't say I blame them. Charleston reminded me of many Mississippi towns with its small shops, courthouse, school, gas stations, a few restaurants, etc.

The confluence was east of the town and not far from the highway. I found the landowner’s house without too much trouble. Mr. John B. Burnett was kind enough to let me go out on his land and take some pictures. While out there, Mr. Burnett's son, John Ball Burnett Jr., came out and we talked for a while. He told me about Scissors the Hog, owned by Colonel Tom James back in the 1930’s. At the time, Scissors was the largest hog in the world, weighing in at over 1,800 pounds (817 kg)! Scissors had his own rail car and Col. James took him to St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and other places for competitions. Col. James even built a house for Scissors and it is located a short distance from the confluence. Check out the picture. John Ball told me they were raising money to restore Scissors' house and it would then be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Burnett and his son, John Ball. They were very cordial and I thank them for their hospitality.

It was getting late, so I hit the road for the fourth and last confluence of the day.

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#1: North and South Views
#2: East and West Views
#3: Home of Scissors the Hog
#4: The Spot
#5: Danny Strickland and John Ball Burnett, Jr.
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