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Italy : Sicilia

4.0 km (2.5 miles) SSW of Cefalù, Palermo, Sicilia, Italy
Approx. altitude: 460 m (1509 ft)
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Antipode: 38°S 166°W

Quality: good

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#2: The map #3: GPS #4: Up on a hill, guarded by dogs... #5: Sunset at Cefalù

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  38°N 14°E (visit #1) (incomplete) 

#1: Cefalù

(visited by Captain Peter and Tillman Fuss)

16-Aug-2001 -- After having visited the point 38°N / 13°E at 1430CEST Tillman and myself decided to proceed to 38°N / 14°E. We went back from near Alcamo on State Road SS113 and the Highway Route A29 to Palermo, crossed the town and proceeded on the recently built Highway Route A20, being intended to connect the towns of Palermo and Messina, but at this stage it is only open for traffic from Palermo to Cefalù.

Sicily is an extremely mountainous island and road construction is not easy. The same applies for for most of the 4 confluence points. However, from Cefalù we went on the extremely winded State Road SS286, climbing within only 2 airline-kilometers from the sea level up to more than 800 meters. There we turned right on the Provincial Road SP136, and proceeded until we crossed the Longitude of 13°E. At this point we were about 270 metres away from the correct Latitude of 38°N.

There were a few houses and a transforming station from ENEL (Energia Elettrica - Italian State Electricity Generating Authority). The place is just at the northern end of the Parco delle Madonnie, close to a geophysical observatory and the pilgrim church of Gibilmanna. (see map and GPS)

The unpleasant surprise was, that the point seemed to be on top of a quite steep hill.

We tried to approach the hill from another side, in order to learn whether it can be climbed easier. Unfortunately we have been stopped by a crowd of ugly and barking dogs, defending their territory.

That was the end of the excursion, we managed back to the car and left this unhospitable place.

On the way down to Cefalù we saw a marvellous panorama. Sicily is an Island of uncomparable beauty, and especially Cefalù, whose origins are prehistoric, is one of the most important tourist resort and offers a wonderful view.

At sunset we left Cefalù and via Catania we drove back to Taormina.

This was my last visit to the 4 Sicilian confluence points. 2 were successful, another 2 attempted. I wish all those who try to complete the attempted ones good luck and: Beware of dogs!!!

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