the Degree Confluence Project

Germany : Bayern

1.2 km (0.7 miles) W of Ruhmannsfelden-Vorderdietzberg, Bayern, Germany
Approx. altitude: 554 m (1817 ft)
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Antipode: 49°S 167°W

Quality: good

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#2: Some more forest #3: The best stick we could find as a marker #4: Again a friendly tree took our picture #5: GPSing in the dark woods #6: Almost perfect in maximum precission

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  49°N 13°E (visit #1)  

#1: A raindrop (and some forest :)

(visited by Ray, Oliver and Sec)

17-Mar-2001 -- OK, so this is the second confluence we visited on Saturday, 17-Mar-2001.

Starting with our car parked near 48N/12E we took the Autobahn which was heading almost directly to the east but a bit to the south. For this area we only had an old 1:100.000 map but that was OK to decide where to leave the Autobahn and how to approach the confluence from there. We decided to drive almost as long as possible on the Autobahn and leave at the small village of Metten, because on that way we also could visit a small Castle we had seen on the map, "Schloss Egg" on the way.

This time, even though we were again cruising at 155mph, we didn't miss the exit, and almost directly found to "Schloss Egg" where we stopped and looked around a bit. Of course we also took some pictures which we'll make available at our confluencing page http://conflu.i.st together with all the other pictures we took and of course Oliver's 360 degree quicktime VR.

After about an quarter hour we continued to our real destination. The area was quite hilly and the road had a lot of serpentines going up and down, so we prepared for a tougher walk through the woods this time.

After missing the right roads a few times :) we finally were in the direct neighborhood of the confluence, on a road going around a small forest which was constantly about 0.6 miles away from our destination. We drove it 2 times trying a few small roads in the hope they would bring us nearer, but they all ended much to soon te be of any help. We almost had accepted that we'd have to walk the 0.6 miles through difficult looking terrain, when we decided to give it another try and drive the other way around, which didn't look very promising because the forest was on a hill and the next road we could see from there was far below, but as it was beginning to rain so we tried it anyway.

We had to drive over a mile away from the confluence point when we found a road which at least led back into the right direction, and following it we saw another road which seemed to go up the hill directly into the forest, and yes, it did. Following it we could get 0.1 miles next to the confluence, where we even found some place to park the car, this time marking it with a waypoint in the GPS.

Following a footpath into the woods we this time tried to get a better impression of where north is (still having no real compass but the GPS) than last time and even though GPS reception wasn't the best due to the many trees we finally found a position which looked promising. We didn't manage to get a perfect all-zero reading from the GPS this time, but decided that 49°00.001N,13°00.000E is good enough and put up a stick on the position so we could take our photographs.

As it was quite dark, due to the trees, the weather, and the fact that it was 5PM, the photos aren't perfect, and the ones with flashlight look as if it was deep in the night, but I think they're OK to get an impression how it looks in the area. Taking the auto-shutter picture of us on the confluence this time my camera almost fell of the tree we put it on, but I managed to catch it and we suceeded on the second try (except for that you can't really see the stick because Oliver is standing in front of it :).

Going back to the car was much easier this time, we even wouldn't have needed the GPSs for that. But for finding the right way back through all the small villages we had passed on the way, the recorded track was quite helpful. We took the exact same way back as we were becoming hungry, and Sec had noticed a sign leading to a McDonalds in Metten before, which became the most difficult to find location on our trip after all, not the sign, the McDonald's. But that's an other story, in case you're interested, it is at 48/51.057N, 12/57.624E, why can't they print that on signs instead of misleading arrows? And it wasn't even worth the searching as there was an other one directly on the Autobahn back to Munich.

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#1: A raindrop (and some forest :)
#2: Some more forest
#3: The best stick we could find as a marker
#4: Again a friendly tree took our picture
#5: GPSing in the dark woods
#6: Almost perfect in maximum precission
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