the Degree Confluence Project

United States : California

30.6 miles (49.2 km) NE of Desert Center, Riverside, CA, USA
Approx. altitude: 368 m (1207 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 34°S 65°E

Quality: good

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#2: View north west - The trees mark the wash we followed down from the Aqueduct #3: View west #4: View south #5: View east #6: Close-up of GPS

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  34°N 115°W (visit #2)  

#1: GPS on (temporary) stone pile marks the spot

(visited by Uwe Luettringhaus and Srisuda Luettringhaus)

16-Feb-2001 -- A couple of weeks ago I saw a piece about geocaching on CNN. Checking out their site I learned about the confluence project and was immediately exited about it. Disappointment set in when I saw that SoCal was already all covered, but then closer inspection showed that this confluence hadn't quite been reached. So I studied topo maps and satellite pictures from the Terraserver looking for the best way to get to it. I found a lot of Jeep roads in the area, some as close as about a 1/3 of a mile from the spot. So my wife and I set out to attempt this confluence on a little desert outing.

We first approached from the south (north of Palen Pass road), but the trails around there were really for Jeeps with short wheel bases. The choice now was to hike about 4.5 miles to the confluence or to check the approach from the north, where we should be able to get within the same distance of the confluence. The terrain there looked easier on the maps than the southern end with all those little washes that were too much for our car. So we went back to Hwy 177 and then north to Hwy 62. When we reached the Colorado River Aqueduct we turned east onto the dirt road paralleling it and continued for about 4 miles until we got to a big wash. This wash comes to within 1/3 of a mile of the confluence.

We drove a little south on another road and parked the car. The terrain is pretty much level and it is an easy 4-5 mile desert hike from here to the confluence. To the east, we could see the mountains that thwarted the first attempt to reach this confluence. It was very quiet at the confluence and except for a contrail or two in the sky there was no sign of civilization.

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#1: GPS on (temporary) stone pile marks the spot
#2: View north west - The trees mark the wash we followed down from the Aqueduct
#3: View west
#4: View south
#5: View east
#6: Close-up of GPS
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