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Germany : Niedersachsen

2.5 km (1.6 miles) SW of Achim-Bierden, Niedersachsen, Germany
Approx. altitude: 5 m (16 ft)
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Antipode: 53°S 171°W

Quality: good

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#2: Take Nothing but Footprints #3: Public Transport #4: Fog on the Moors #5: Keep off #6: Windfarm

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  53°N 9°E (visit #2)  

#1: The track

(visited by Mike Richter)

28-Jan-2001 -- N53E009 Achim

My third Confluence and my third country - my first was S36E149, then N45E008. I had a free Sunday in Bremen and I decided that visiting this Confluence would be a good excuse to see the countryside. It seems to be a typical winter's day in Bremen and the mist sets the appropriate atmosphere on the moors. When looking at the maps I wasn't sure what the terrain would be like - particularly since no locals had attempted this confluence ! Being close to the Weser River I thought it could be an impenetrable swamp. At Bremen station I found an Achim Town map which showed that a road went really close to the Confluence - my hopes went up.

4 Fog on the Moors
If you're wondering why I don't look happier, it's because it's drizzling, it's 5 deg (41F) and I am having trouble holding the camera because my fingers are so cold. If you are wondering why I am so close to the camera it's because my arm isn't any longer - I am by myself and the camera is at arm's length.

2 Take nothing but Footprints
Take nothing but footprints - I know it's not the conventional motto, but the rich sticky mud built up on my boots with each step, so unless I did a lot of scraping, it looked like I was going to take home a lot of the Confluence. Luckily the Confluence is only 55 metres from the nearest track, otherwise my boots would have been even heavier. However it is still the sort of Confluence you take your Grandmother to !!!

3 Public transport
This might go down as the first Confluence reached by public transport, other than the 3km walk ! I caught a train from Bremen to Achim, walked down Paulsberg Strasse, briefly along Bremen Way, turned into Am Weder, then turned towards the Bierdener Marsch. The map calls the loop track Wischdam but there is no signpost on it.

1 The worst part of the track
The worst part of the track is right near the conflluence, but fortunately most of the track from the main road is good concrete or paving.

5 Keep off !
Photo 5 translates to "For your own safety keep off this land" - fortunately this sign is not at the Confluenece but a kilometre away !

The confluence is near the edge of a field which was fallow for winter. Since it is a part of the Weser floodplain it is dead flat around here. Obviously if the field had a crop on it, I would not have walked on it.

6 Windfarm
The wind farm nearby indicates that usually even more wind blows here. I was glad the wind wasn't blowing now, because with light drizzle and 5 degrees (41F) I did not want it to be any chillier.

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#1: The track
#2: Take Nothing but Footprints
#3: Public Transport
#4: Fog on the Moors
#5: Keep off
#6: Windfarm
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