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Canada : Ontario

0.6 km (0.4 miles) SW of Waupos, Prince Edward Peninsula, ON, Canada
Approx. altitude: 81 m (265 ft)
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Antipode: 44°S 103°E

Accuracy: 6 m (19 ft)
Quality: good

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  44°N 77°W (visit #5)  

#1: General view

(visited by Helmut Resch and Babs Coleman)

15-May-2023 -- We shipped our Campervan from Austria to Halifax and touring Canada. It was our first attempt to visit a confluence in Canada.

Travelling on the motorway 401 westbound, we took the turn off Marysville onto the road 49 to Pitcon. At Pitcon we followed the country road to Waupoos. This road brought us as close as 200 meters there we turned onto the "Lodge Lane" driving for another 100 meters before we parked at the lodges parking place. The owner came out of the house and we could ask him for permission to document the confluence. He gladly gave us permission and directed us to the position.

The confluence is situated at the end of a meadow halfway up a small evaluation.

The surrounding is a tranquil countryside bordering lake Ontario. After documenting the confluence and having another chat to the owner we left to the nearby Provincial Park for the night.

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