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Finland : Lapin lääni

58.1 km (36.1 miles) N of Vikkuri, Lapin lääni, Finland
Approx. altitude: 548 m (1797 ft)
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Antipode: 69°S 158°W

Accuracy: 28.0 km (17.4 mi)
Quality: good

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  69°N 22°E (visit #3) (incomplete) 

#1: On the ATV track, view east (20 km to the CP)

(visited by Peter Scharfenberg)

15-Jul-2015 -- For geographic details we refer to the Finnish outdoor map “Käsivarsi”, alternatively (in part) to the Swedish “Fjellkartan” BD1 (Treriksröset-Rostojavri), both 1:100,000 and to the Finnish outdoor map “Halti, Kilpisjärvi” (1:50,000). For the CP-area either the Finnish topographic map Number 1841_2 or, alternatively, the Norwegian topographic map No. 1733 II “Cierte”, both 1:50,000, is of importance.

Considering access by hiking only, this CP is one of the most demanding in Scandinavia - due to distance from civilization as well as terrain-related difficulties. Here we describe an attempted summer-visit of this CP, in supplement to a recently reported winter visit on ski (cf. Sundell). A former summer approach from southwest (Saarikoski) failed 500 m after the road E8 was left (cf. Grebner). If not there, it may have failed in Raittijärvi due to lack of boat or ford.

We decided to hike the 40 km from the Norwegian border to the CP along a W-E mountain ridge that ends in the east with a smaller elevation (where the CP is located), finally blocked by a north-to-south flowing river. A smaller north-south valley with a small creek separates the elevation with the CP from the main ridge. The ridge itself is limited on its north and south by swampy valleys, as well as rivers.

As it happens, we started the summer-visit from Hotel Kilpis in Kilpisjärvi, as the winter visitor did. It was a sunny day. Hikers parking place on the road E6 can be arrived within 10 minutes. Here the famous hiking trail Kalottireitti (Finnish) or Nordkalott leden (Swedish), or Nordkalottruta (Norwegian), respectively, meets the road. The trail is well marked. Its basic direction is NE to Kautokeino (Norway). Hence the first 30 km are predefined, until the aforementioned ridge is arrived.

First we passed the 559 m-lake Tsahkaljavri on its east side. Then the trail has a short passage in Norway, south of the lake Tsoahpejavri, until the mountain shelter Saarijärvi is arrived. The other day began with a pass (1000 m), followed by a wading experience (light) in the valley, until we came to the shelter Kuonjarjohka. 4 km NE of that another light wading in the morning. This is the place where the trail continues to Halti as well as to Kautokeino.

Here we had to start our own way W->E on the mountain ridge, where no trails can be expected. (Don’t go there without a filled water bottle!) First SE with the river Kaitsajoki in sight. Soon we had to choose either big stones, swampy area and high bushes near the river or moderate stones and somewhat lower bushes around Juovvavarri mountain. We built the tent south of it at 700 m altitude.

Then, fortunately, we came to a track, obviously made by small ATVs (all terrain vehicles). That led us along the ridge straight east wards. Bushes where former laid down on the track by the ATVs, but instead swampy regions (near creeks and lakes) became even swampier, often requiring many detours. Now the track was nearly in the middle of the ridge at 600 - 700 m, parallel to the rivers, visible in north and south. Still 20 km west of the CP we decided to stop and return, due to unexpected time consumption, and thus lack of food. The area had turned out to be quite unusually demanding, relative to what we had former observed by visiting CP 69°N 21°E, or nearby in the Halti region of Reisa National Park, Norway (20 km north of shelter Kuonjarjohka). So intuition had mislead us. Nevertheless we had the impression of having developed a summer route for the approach to CP 69°N 22°E. Thus we assume the CP is worth another attempt. For those who are trying, our experience may be of a little value. As we could often see helicopters (from and to Kilpisjärvi) flying east wards to the fishing camp Tenomuotka. This suggests an alternative opportunity for CP-seekers. The campsite is 8 km north of the CP. From here the visit could be done within one day (to the CP and back to Tenomuotka), probably.

We had not tracked our nearest approach to the CP. The Photo shows our position before coming back to a small lake. Here we had built our tent, 29 km away from the CP. [UTM-Position (cf. map “Cierte”): 34W 05271/76614]

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#1: On the ATV track, view east (20 km to the CP)
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