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United Kingdom : Scotland

2.7 km (1.7 miles) NW of Backies, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom
Approx. altitude: 123 m (403 ft)
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Antipode: 58°S 176°E

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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  58°N 4°W (visit #15)  

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(visited by Phil Sharpe)

01-Jul-2015 -- It has been 4 years since my last confluence visit so this one was long overdue! I had been asked to work away in Thurso Scotland with my company.

58N-04W is a long way from my home town of Oakham and so this was a perfect opportunity to get it done. Just off the A9 and looking at the other visitors reports, relatively easy to get to. The weather for it was lovely.

In fact temperatures in England were record breaking.(in London 37deg. was reached!!) I parked my van on the road overlooking the CP and walked down the boggy meadow picking my way carefully to avoid a foot dunking!!

The actual point is very close to a stream at the bottom of a valley. The whole thing took about 15 mins to do which was just as well as my van has a tracker on and explaining Confluencing to head office would have been tedious!!

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