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Australia : Western Australia

5.3 km (3.3 miles) ESE of Gutha, WA, Australia
Approx. altitude: 289 m (948 ft)
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Antipode: 29°N 64°W

Quality: good

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#2: Mini drinking a cup of billy tea about 50m from the confluence. #3: Looking north. #4: GPS confirmation. #5: Looking west (car on left)

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  29°S 116°E (visit #1)  

#1: Looking east from the confluence.

(visited by Mike Manessis and Katherine (Mini) Manessis)

26-Jan-2001 -- This was the second confluence visit on the 2001 Australia Day weekend with my daughter Mini.

The drive from our "attempted" s30e115 confluence was uneventful with a north easterly drive to waypoints entered into the GPS at the Coolimba Eneabba Road turn off from Coast Road, Eneabba, Three Springs and Morawa. We headed north to Evaside Crossing north of Morawa on the Mullewa Wubin Road and crossed the railway line. From there the confluence was about 40m east of the Muthingootha Road as indicated on the map. This was too easy compared with s30e115! A short stroll into the paddock, a few photos then returning to the car for a cup of billy tea before heading towards s28e116.

This country is part of the Western Australian "wheat belt" although some of the land looked too rocky and harsh to till.

The shadows were growing longer due to our relatively late start (9:30am) and Mini and I knew that we would not reach s28e116.

After leaving s29e116 we headed along the Mullewa Wubin Road and turned off onto the Tardun Pindar Road which was gravel. This substantially shortened the trip to Pindar as we cut off one side of the triangle to Mullewa, one of the main towns in the region (population 2000). Pindar consisted of wheat silos, a rail siding and a number of support buildings. Tried to ring my wife Jane from a phone box to let her know of our whereabouts however it was out of order. Mobile phones certainly did not work out here either!

We decided to push on to Tallering Station as my map indicated accommodation and it was only 12km from Pindar. Kangaroos and rabbits had started to show themselves on the roads at about 5:00pm and I didn't want to be travelling at dusk when most accidents with our local fauna occur. My sedan was not fitted with a 'roo-bar and hitting kangaroos, which have a habit of hopping directly into headlights, may result in enough damage to make the car undrivable.

Tallering looked deserted except for the obligatory sheep dogs and four wheel drives. The property owners were having a drink outside after a hot day (+40°C) when we pulled up. The owner indicated that the station was not set up for station stays at this time of the year however agreed that we could camp the night. The night sky was fantastic, crystal clear and a new moon that was only three days old, setting at about 8:00pm. We watched the International Space Station cruise across the sky just before 9:00pm and saw a few shooting stars before turning in about 10:00pm.

The following day we headed for s28e116.

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#1: Looking east from the confluence.
#2: Mini drinking a cup of billy tea about 50m from the confluence.
#3: Looking north.
#4: GPS confirmation.
#5: Looking west (car on left)
#6: Muthingootha Road turn off.
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