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10.5 km (6.5 miles) SW of Jewi, Western, Ghana
Approx. altitude: 0 m (0 ft)
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Antipode: 5°S 177°E

Accuracy: 2 m (6 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: Looking East #3: Looking South and swimming #4: Looking West #5: On the zeros #6: Choosing the boat #7: Launching the boat

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  5°N 3°W  

#1: Looking North with a view of land

(visited by Alpar Kovacs, Felix Sibsa and Graham Johnson)

19-Mar-2012 -- The last incomplete confluence point in Ghana is done! We started our trip from Kumasi early in the morning on Monday, 19 March driving down the horrible Obuasi – Dunkwa – Bogoso – Tarkwa highway that looks (and feels) as if it has experienced a sustained cluster bomb attack. Once we met the coast highway at Agona Junction we headed west to Alomatoupe, passing through massive coconut palm and rubber tree plantations. Exiting the highway the last few kilometers were on a sandy road to the small fishing village of Epunsa, near the Côte d'Ivoire border. The CP is 7.82 km from this village.

We were initially planning to use our inflatable boat with its 9 hp engine to quickly get out to the point and back. Upon observing the waves at the shore however, we decided that it would be better using a traditional (dugout/canoe combination) fishing boat with experienced crew to get to the point, bringing our inflatable as a backup. The locals gave us a very warm welcome, but were puzzled at our request and couldn’t wrap their heads around why we wanted to get to that particular point of nothingness, not even to fish! After Felix negotiated the price, and made selection from the large group of volunteers for our crew (as nearly everyone wanted to come along for this mysterious voyage), we got underway. After negotiating our way through the surf we reached the CP in 26 minutes. Once near the location, we used our inflatable boat for more precise movement to ensure that we got all 0’s on our GPS. After the obligatory pictures and swimming we returned to the shore, where the whole village of Epunsa was there to pull the fishing boat back up onto the beach.

After packing our inflatable into the Troop Carrier, we proceeded to Beyin to visit Fort Apollonia and take a boat trip into the stilt village of Nzulezu in the Amansuri Lagoon.

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#1: Looking North with a view of land
#2: Looking East
#3: Looking South and swimming
#4: Looking West
#5: On the zeros
#6: Choosing the boat
#7: Launching the boat
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In the sea, but with a view of land.