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Norway : Telemark

13.8 km (8.6 miles) SSW of Breidvik, Telemark, Norway
Approx. altitude: 678 m (2224 ft)
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Antipode: 59°S 172°W

Accuracy: 5 m (16 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: GPS reading #3: Panorama #4: the open gate #5: the path is ending #6: beautiful valley #7: shoes get wet #8: lake Korkstøyltjønn within sight

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  59°N 8°E (visit #3) (secondary) 

#1: Location of CP59N-8E from Distance 100 m

(visited by Thomas Barthel)

23-May-2011 --

A trip to my friend in Norway gave me the possibility to visit several Confluence Points. The seventh one of this journey was the CP 59°N-08°E, located west of the lake Nesvatn, district Telemark, Norway.

I started this trip in the morning. In the north of the district Aust-Agder the mountains are getting really big. Through a small valley I followed the road Fv27 up, direction north-west to the lake Nesvatn. The lake was not full, maybe they do construction works on the dam which is located in the south. Because of the low level you can see the roots of cut trees. After driving around the northern edge and turning left on the road Fv40 I found the village Birtedalen with the dubious gate, mentioned by both visitors before. Luckily the gate was open. In my opinion they won’t close it anymore because two large construction areas for houses are performed nearby (how bad..). I followed the unpaved road until I reached the dead end where the builders take their sand for the concrete.

The hike started 10:08 a.m. It was 6.5 degrees Celsius. Very soon the path ended. Now I crossed a really beautiful valley in great weather! On the map it looked like walking along a small creek but in reality I had to go through very wet moss and grass continuously. The shoes were getting totally wet. Soon the little lake Korkstøyltjønn appeared. There was a strong cold wind which caused waves on the lake. Last snowfields were visible on the steep mountainside west of the lake. By the walk around at the eastern bank I found some very fresh signs of beavers. At 11:17 a.m. after a hike of 3.65 km I reached the Confluence Point 59°N-8°E! The clear view tempted me to do a panorama picture.

The way back was a little bit easier and faster, maybe as well caused by the gradient and the fewer pictures I did. On my way back I inspected the lake Bergsøytjønn at the southern overflow into the Nesvatn which is a really nice spot. So this visit of my -so far- most northern Confluence Point was successful finished. <

This Confluence Point was not easy to visit because it is quite a hard walk. The next Confluence I wanted to visit was the CP 56°N-09°E, near Arnborg, Denmark.

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#1: Location of CP59N-8E from Distance 100 m
#2: GPS reading
#3: Panorama
#4: the open gate
#5: the path is ending
#6: beautiful valley
#7: shoes get wet
#8: lake Korkstøyltjønn within sight
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