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Norway : Oppland

12.0 km (7.4 miles) W of Fagernes, Oppland, Norway
Approx. altitude: 810 m (2657 ft)
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Antipode: 61°S 171°W

Accuracy: 11 m (36 ft)
Quality: good

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  61°N 9°E (visit #6)  

#1: Overview

(visited by Karl Bryk and Michael Bryk)

11-Aug-2010 --
A week road trip to sweden and Norway found Michael and myself heading to Fagernes from Gol with the realization that we would be passing near to N61 E09, and not only that, the few CP reports I had printed out before the trip included this one. The report indicated this would be an easy one and since time was limited it looked like a perfect candidate. Additionally having come into the 21st century by purchasing a Sat Nav device for the car, gettng to the CP should be straight forward without the usual wrong turns and wasted time. And indeed this was the case !!

On arrival it took a while for my Garmin Geko to get its bearings (I couldn't turn it on before as I had to be careful with the battery because I'd forgotton the power cable) while Michael went ahead with the car Sat Nav. It was indeed as easy as other reports had indicated and within abut 10 minutes we were off on our way and to N59 E16.

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