the Degree Confluence Project

United Arab Emirates

26.3 km (16.3 miles) NE of Ġayāthiyy, Abū Zaby, UAE
Approx. altitude: 38 m (124 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreetMap ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 24°S 127°W

Accuracy: 1.5 km (1636 yd)
Quality: good

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#2: View towards North #3: View towards East #4: View towards South #5: GPS readings #6: Unsuccessful but not disheartened - Ajay and Anand

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  24°N 53°E (visit #5) (incomplete) 

#1: General view towards the DCP - West

(visited by Ajay Sikri, Sanjay Hallon, Anand Srivastava, D S Shekhawat, Karan Hallon and Aayush Sikri)

25-Apr-2009 -- After driving for about 90 minutes on E11 west from our earlier stop of 24N 54E, we arrived at a place called Baynūn 30 km before Ruways. Our target was about 14 km SE from the UAE-Saudi highway. There was no apparent access to the spot from the highway, so we decided to attempt an access from Ruways. None of the probable access points that we had picked up from the satellite maps were available. After driving for over 100 km back and forth between Baynūn and Ruways, we decided to enter along tall power transmission lines for about 20 km and later along the gas pipelines for about 15 km, so we could get closer to the spot.

However, we were stopped by a restricted area fence when we were only 1.4 km from the confluence point. We went around the area for quite a distance but had to abort our attempt as it was getting dark and we didn't want to take any chances, especially since the Confluence point was inside a huge compound which appeared to be a high security area.

Maneuverability in this area is highly restricted as it's full of big compounds of oil and gas installations, oil/gas pipelines, and even high voltage transmission lines due to its proximity to a major power generation facility in Ruways. Moreover, any leftover space is either rocks or salt pans.

Even though we could not reach our target, it was a very interesting attempt as it tested our navigational skills to a great extent. In the process, we saw plenty of wild desert rabbits and a desert snake (most probably a viper). Incidentally, this snake was only one meter ahead of Anand's feet when he got off the car to check our coordinates.

P.S. We (Ajay, Anand, Shekhawat, and Aayush) made another unsuccessful attempt to this point later on May 01, 2009 with a hope to find some way to manage an entry to the compound. In spite trying a different route and approach to the area, we could not enter the restricted area and had to give up.

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#1: General view towards the DCP - West
#2: View towards North
#3: View towards East
#4: View towards South
#5: GPS readings
#6: Unsuccessful but not disheartened - Ajay and Anand
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