the Degree Confluence Project

United States : Minnesota

4.1 miles (6.6 km) SE of Lastrup, Morrison, MN, USA
Approx. altitude: 394 m (1292 ft)
([?] maps: Google MapQuest OpenStreeMap topo aerial ConfluenceNavigator)
Antipode: 46°S 86°E

Accuracy: 11 m (36 ft)
Quality: good

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#2: North #3: East #4: South #5: Road entrance #6: House #7: Benchmark

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  46°N 94°W (visit #4)  

#1: Looking west at the general area (note 'X')

(visited by Al Schwarz)

27-Oct-2007 -- Had big plans for October 18th and 19th since school was not in session, but the weather was too bad. Another long weekend, Monday off, weather this Saturday perfect. Loaded the car with all the essentials like camera, GPS and spare GPS, food water, maps and printouts I finally left at 1:30pm. I had a long list of things to do before the sun set. This Confluence Point, two Geo-Vixilla flags, one Geo-Dash point and three geocaches. (Got all but one geocache too dark).

I decided to take the back roads into this area so from home in Champlin I headed west on Highway 10 out of Anoka BUT the parade had things at a standstill SO I stayed south of the river and followed the River road to Hwy 101 into Elk River. Then picked up Highway 10 and continued to hwy. 25 north. Where highway 25 went west before going north again I went north, east, north then west to get to the area. Nothing is easy if you go anything other than planned. I had arrived at about 15:45 CDT(20:45 UTC)

Once there I pulled off the road on to the edge of a driveway at 16464 320th Ave. There I asked about the property across the street. A lady told me it actually belongs to some people out of town. I had just missed them they had been there getting some fire wood. Then I met John Weisz. Explained to him a little about the project and he wanted to know why people would do it so I went into a little more explanation and offer him to accompany me. Then he went inside. While I continued across the road and into the woods. I had just landed near ground zero and had to relieve myself very bad. Wouldn’t you know John showed up. I was just putting my self back together. He was asking if this is the area as he approached and I had to say. “Sort of I had some more urgent business to attend to first”.

Nothing more was said. (I was glad.) We talked about GPS accuracy and he thought it was better than that and I went on to explain how it used to be with deliberate error introduced and how it is no longer done. I touched a bit about differential GPS and how it can be much more accurate.

Since I had left the compass in the car he pointed out the directions (I later found he was very close, close enough for photos). I had to do a strange looking almost ritualistic “dance” to get the “zero’s”. I am glad John had gone to tend to some ribs he said he was cooking.

He also mentioned some nearby survey markers or Benchmarks. So I went to look at them after I left his drive way. I was barley finished taking a picture when John showed up on an ATV. He thought they’d have coordinated on it to compare with what I had gotten in the woods. I told him I’d look it up.( found it under benchmarks on geocaching.com.) Wish I had thought to take a GPS reading of the benchmark.

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#1: Looking west at the general area (note 'X')
#2: North
#3: East
#4: South
#5: Road entrance
#6: House
#7: Benchmark
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